Good Earth… and Stuff

This weekend was family camp, a Christmas gift from David’s parents. We (meaning 6 out of 8 siblings, their spouses and kids, and David’s parents) spent the weekend together and the most beautiful spot in Minnesota that I have seen to date. (Well, ok, the most beautiful besides the entire BWCA.) The bluffs were pristine and covered with meadows and trees, the camp staff were amazing helpful and heartbreakingly good natured, and the campfires were populated with plenty of the wild and fun “church camp songs” that I am so dorkishly in love with. (I was also dorkishly in love with our family’s personal counselor, Susan. She was basically our nanny for the weekend, and I nearly drugged her and brought her home with us.)

I am a camp counselor at heart. A counselor without any campers. It is one of my life’s greatest tragedies: that I never worked at a church camp. I would have ROCKED that job.

Then, my doula client delivered! Her birth is her story to tell, but I will say this: Her birth scared me silly. Should dystocia: baby was stuck. There was yanking and cutting and pushing on her belly and still baby was stuck. There was calm, level headed doctors and nurses, but just below the calm I could see the panic in their eyes. There were calls for backup. There was more pulling and more cutting and more pushing- two nurses pushing now. That baby was still stuck! Finally, finally, baby girl was free. My legs shook for an entire hour afterward. And then later, when I was debriefing with a few other doulas, they began to shake again. BUT, there is one more healthy beautiful baby girl in the world. And I had the honor of witnessing her arrival.

Finally, Couch to 5K? Well, today will be MY day 1. I have new(ish) shoes. I have a new watch (Anne’s contribution. Because she’s cool that way). I have my Tshirt that says “Swistle made me do it.” I have the desire, at least for now. Next, I need to actually look at the program and figure out what exactly it is I agreed to do. And something about pod casts? Also, WHEN today I’m going to get to it, I’m not quite sure. But I’m not quitting… yet.