I Have Blogger Spacing Issues!

When I write my posts, I have the spacing just how I want it, all neat and spiffy and perfect. Then I push publish and the &%$@ blogger adds spaces all over the place. Will I ever stop being pissed off by this? No, I will not. Will I ever break into the HTML world enough to figure it out myself? Maybe, but wouldn’t that be letting Blogger win?


9 thoughts on “I Have Blogger Spacing Issues!

  1. Mine does that too, especially when I add pictures. That seems to just confuse the hell out of blogger. Ummmm….hello. You’re a BLOG. You’re supposed to handle these things, blogger! Let me know if you figure it out!

  2. I get these problems all the time. Usually, I wait until I’m all done adding pictures, then I correct the spacing, publish it, curse, edit the post (deleting extra spaces), republish and am slightly happier with the results. Mostly, I just learn to live with it. If it really bothers you, Blogger has some pretty good techies that hang out in the help section. Have you tried searching there?

  3. Maybe I would notice these things if I would post something. Yeah, sorry, I’ve been slacking. I’m here. I haven’t had the posting spirit hit me yet, and I feel I don’t have anything worth reading to write…so I wait. I thought you were gone. When do you leave?

  4. I find that if I write in Compose mode versus Edit html mode I have more problems.Try writing in Edit html mode and see if that works. It’s annoying to read around the code when you italicize or put something in bold, but it’s worth it not having to deal with spacing issues!

  5. Stinking blogger. I get the same thing. I usually hit “publish,” and then hit “edit post,” take out all the extra spaces, and then hit “publish” again. Only, this tends to single space my posts, which totally irritates me.

  6. Blogger is very, very strange about spacing. I know on many of my photo posts, there are HUGE blocks of space around some of the photos on different browsers, etc. But it always looks right on MY screen. I usually just pretend like it’s fine.

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