Too Many Posts Swirling In My Head To Title This One

Here’s the posts I’ve been wanting to write the last few days:

Post 1: We’re Outta Here!

It’s a miracle. We left for our trip to South Dakota without getting into a fight. This is rare in the Green household- both the fighting and the leaving without fighting. But we did it, and boy oh boy was it hard on my part, not to get all ugly and bossy and mean with David. David and I have very different senses of time, urgency, and prioritizing. We also have individually assigned tasks for preparing to leave: I get the laundry done, the lists made, the kids and myself packed, and the other errands/miscellaneous tasks done before we leave. David works at his job like a mad man, doing a couple of weeks of work in a couple of days. He also has to pack for himself and load the car. By the time the Morning Of Leaving comes around, I’m usually stressed because of the 340284 things running through my head that still need to get done or get packed, plus I’m getting all three kids ready, plus feeding them and cleaning up the kitchen, plus getting myself ready, plus going through all my lists to see what else needs to be done/packed etc. David needs to get dressed, eat, and load the car. Oh, and clip his toenails.

Yep, that’s right Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re leaving for a 12 day trip, there is about a billion things left to do, and HE’S CLIPPING HIS TOENAILS. Do you have any idea how much will power it took NOT to comment? But I didn’t. I just kept doing my thing, being kind to my husband, being cheerful to the kids. I was so proud of myself. We left a good 2 hours later than we had planned, but the toenails were clipped, and we left as a happy family. Success.

Post 2: Smooth Travels

We got to South Dakota- a 550 mile trip- without a single hitch. My kids are rock stars in the car. Rock. Stars. Not a single problem. We’ve travel so much with them, and usually road trips, so they are used to it. Also, letting them watch DVDs on our laptop sure helps the time pass. And the DO need Dramamine, to help with the carsickness. It’s not my fault that it also causes drowsiness! Marin also was delightful in the car. She got a little fussy the last hour or so, but I sat next to her and kept the squalling at bay. We only stopped 2 times the whole day. Can you believe it? 2 stops? In a 9 hour trip? We left around 9 am and arrived about 6pm.

We pulled up to my mom’s house about 5 minutes LITERALLY before a nasty storm hit. The sirens were going off, the sky was a eerie shade of green, and it hailed a bit. Nearby areas had baseball sized hail. They also closed I-90, the freeway we drove on ALL DAY, due to hail blasting out windshields in vehicles. They had to do storm clean-up with snow plows.

I know, we had kicking timing.

We feel very lucky.

It’s so good to be here. The air here is fresh, piney. It smells like home.

Post 3: What We’ve Been Up To (Alternate title: Your Guide To Black Hills Vacations, Part 1)

Here’s our clip board of fun so far:

Saturday- David and I headed out to the awesome bike trail that they have in Rapid City to do our jogging. I’ve missed the bike trail. It’s a happy place.

We spent the afternoon at Storybook Island. Kate and Joan are the perfect age for this place. My mom, my brother, David, and I had a great time watching them explore this childhood wonderland. And it free. F-R-E-E.

David and I went on a date on Saturday night. We ate at The Firehouse Brewing Company. I used to wait tables there in college, so it’s always a fun place to revisit. Also, the food is excellent.

Sunday- We met up with my dad. Since his separation with my mom, he lives in a log house out in the hills, with his girlfriend. His girlfriend is ok, as far as girlfriends of fathers go. I’ve finally decided what it is about her that is so annoying. You know how little dogs show their submission to bigger dogs- laying on their backs, panting, and begging “Please love me. Please. Please. Please.” Well, that’s what Girlfriend is like- submissive, too agreeable, to passive. I hate it. I think I would like her so much more if she had… personality? opinions? a spine?

Anyway, we went out to their place, which is in a beautiful location near Sheridan Lake. We took the girls into Hill City to the Thomas the Train, visiting at the 1880’s train. Rip off. Seriously, if Thomas visits a train station near you, honk at him from the road and keep driving.

After dinner, David, my dad, and I hiked up a huge cliff overlooking my dad’s house. When I say “hiked”, I mean “blazed our own goddamn trail straight up the mountain”. It was ridiculously steep. We were crawling over downed trees and stumps and ourselves. It was nearly too steep to do without climbing gear. When we got to the top, the view was beautiful. It was worth it. As we headed down, my dad found tiny mountain lion tracks. When I say tiny, I mean “bigger than my effing head”. By now it was dusk and we were alone on a mountain, trying to get down before it complete darkness. Thanks Dad, I was satisfied enough with trying to survive the descend without becoming a rolling cartoon blur of limbs and tree branches and pine needles all rolled into one. Now I needed to watch my back too, for the mountain lion that was most certainly following us, eyeing up the satisfyingly plump lady at the rear of the hikers. Thanks.

Yesterday, after Joan and Kate stayed overnight with my dad and Girlfriend, we headed up to Sylvan Lake, one of the most beautiful places in Custer State Park. We had a lovely day at the lake. I will be sure to post pictures of this place soon. We ate dinner at the Sylvan Lake Resort, with a breathtaking view of Harney Peak in the distance. All in all, it was a perfect day in the Hills.

We have many more tourist spots on our list, so you can look forward to MORE Black Hills vacation tipz. I know you’re excited. (Pictures to follow.)

Also, East Coast Anne? Germany Mom? Are you reading? Because I’m thinking of you ALL THE TIME. Wish you were here! Also, Germany Mom, I ran into Jeri at Target. She said hello, Marie, and just kept talking on her phone. She talked and talked and talked. And I was like, get off the phone already, I’d like to catch up with you. But she didn’t. She just kept talking- small talk, I should add- it did not sound at all urgent. So I was a bit hurt. Weird. Does she live here now or was she visiting her folks too? Just wondering.

So that’s what’s been buzzing around in my head lately. This blogging thing, it’s totally addicting. I can’t stop. Anyone else constantly thinking of blog posts in their head, or am I just unhealthily obsessed? (Please don’t answer that honestly.)


5 thoughts on “Too Many Posts Swirling In My Head To Title This One

  1. So jealous, loving living your vacation vicariously through you. And don’t go calling my bff a “plump lady.” I’ll have to kick your behind.

  2. sounds like a great trip !! loved loved loved the whole hubby and toenails with his 3 things to do. same here. my hubby likes to start a HUGE project the hour before we are leaving !!! arrghhhh and YES i am always thinking about waht to blog, oh that would make a good blog…it is addicting.

  3. That’s amazing. TWO STOPS? For that car ride? I’m annoying and make us stop waaaay too often to pee. Sometimes I limit my beverages so we won’t have to stop much to pee, and then I get cranky because I’m thirsty. I’m the most fun on road trips ever.I sometimes think of things I want to blog about when they happen. I used to blog every weekday, and then I had to think up topics along with writing about things I had been mulling over. The thought-up topics usually included childhood stories or me mocking myself, so they were a good time.

  4. I just wrecked a half-night of sleep being bombarded with absolutely awesome ideas for posts last night! Unfortunately, I was too lazy to get myself up to jot notes, thinking instead that I’d remember it all in the morning. Pshaw! Now here I sit trying to remember all those awesome ideas and coming up with zilch!*shrug* Oh well, not at least I have time to surf around and meet new people! First time here — totally had a good laugh over your million and one things to do before a trip and trying to be ‘nice’ to hubby while he’s clipping his toenails. Yeah, I know, been there too!

  5. Yes, I’m here!! Been a little busy lately, but I’m catching up on my TinyTown fix today. I tried calling you yesterday – I’ve been thinking of you alot too. The time change doesn’t make things any easier either. Yes, Jeri still lives there. I really don’t talk with her anymore – actually I’m probably closer with her parents!! My mom and her mom and 2 other of their friends are coming to visit me in December. Okay, all of this is stuff I would be telling you on the phone. I will call again soon!!By the way, I’m loving your blog – it’s a great relaxer for me (though I need to be reading my book club book – I’m gonna be in trouble!)

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