Am I crazy to have found this Oprah, about polygamy, somewhat appealing?

Put aside the fact that I don’t believe in polygamy, and neither does David, and just picture it: Another woman in the house, who knows your husband well and can relate to ALL of your frustrations. She, in theory anyway, would also help with all things mom-related as well as all household chores/tasks. There would always be another adult to talk to, as well as that extra set of hands and eyes.

I would sort of be like the commune I’ve been romanticizing, except with less hairy male bodies clogging up the shower drain. And as far as “wifely” duties? Would any of us really mind dispersing those a bit? (As a side note, I like sex. My husband is respectful and not pushy, and I find it to be a very enjoyable part of our life. BUT. HE could easily have… more of it. Ya know?)

Of course, I am picturing having some control over the choosing of this sister-wife(s), which in real polygamy relationships probably doesn’t happen. Also, in my fantasy version of this lifestyle, my husband does not favor her over me- I’m clearly the Alpha-female in the house. Also, a gazillion kids? 1800’s dresses? Other weird religious thingies? NO.

But dividing the chores/meal planning/ kid duties? Having a baby or two around the house that I didn’t have to carry in my body and don’t have to get up with in the night? Having DOUBLE the female shoes in the house? Hell yes!

(I mean NO! I don’t want to share my husband. Of course I don’t. Much. I mean, this is clearly flawed thinking on my part. I have no idea why that show was so damn intriguing to me.)