1. I ran 20 minutes! I can finally move on from Week 5!! And it was far more of a mental challenge than a physical one. Woot! Woot!

2. My baby is sleeping SO much better since we stopped dairy last week. Is it bad to say that I knew all along that it was quite likely the dairy that was causing her problems? I just didn’t want to believe it. Because, dude, yogurt is easy and healthy and full of calories. And cheese is quick and filling and she loves it so. We’re going to be trying out the soy versions this week. (Gag-a-licious.) But yeah! I’m sleeping.

3. David said to me last night- “Even if you got a job making 2x what I make, I STILL wouldn’t be able to stay home with the kids. They would have to go to daycare, because I couldn’t handle it.” Those may possibly be my very favorite-est words he ever said to me! He doesn’t know how I do it.

4. It’s rainy and cool here today (versus rainy and hot, which is what we had all weekend). I can wear hoodies and make soup and pumpkin cookies (like these). And I might even do this little project, because pumpkins make me smile. It’s fall and I’m happy.

5. David and I have been machines around here lately. Every project we complete is a weight lifted that I didn’t know I had. It helps that our weekends are not overbooked like they are in the summer…

[Edited to add: 6. I went shopping at and local outlet mall on Saturday and everything for fall was 70% off! I got the kids (and myself!) bags and bags full of stuff. Carters! Osk Kosh! Eddie Bauer! Old Navy! I can’t believe I almost forgot about this! I would include pictures of my bargains, but, I’m a little embarrased. About the volume. ]

(P.S. In case you didn’t follow those other two links, you need to check out THIS website. One of my favorite bloggy friends started it, and all of my other favorite bloggy friends have been submitting ideas and it’s fun! It’s over there, on the side bar too.)


15 thoughts on “Satis-fac-shun!

  1. Link love! Nice!You know, the soy options aren’t that gross. Some of them are pretty awesome. It’s just getting past the idea that it should be just. like. dairy. And they are not. Because they are soy. But still good! Just different.I love fall, too.

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! 20 minutes! You rock!Okay, when you find the 70% off deals like that, you need to call me immediately and let me know. Save me a cookie.

  3. Well done on the 20 minutes. It really IS mental. When I’m running, I like to think to myself “Body, you are WRONG. The MIND is in control here”.

  4. Way to go on the running!! I personally like rice milk better than soy. It’s not so thick. I’m glad she’s sleeping better! Your husband probably said the words that EVERY stay at home mom wants to hear. Awesome.

  5. I am fairly new to reading your blog. What running program are you doing? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear my husband say those words. And I would REALLY love for him to truly mean them. What is your secret??

  6. I sort of stopped reading after seeing that you ran for 20 minutes. I did not know it was possible for a person to run that long on purpose when not being chased by a very hungry bear. Good for you!!!Woo hoo for Marin being better with no dairy!We hit the same outlet sales this weekend. Who knew Columbus Day was such incentive to offer great sales? I bought an equally obscene amount of stuff for dirt cheap and loved every second of it!

  7. YAY FOR YOU! I *knew* you could do it! And you are totally right: the mental challenge of running can be so much harder than the physical.And I hope you don’t mind, but I now have a crush on your husband.

  8. I am SO with you on the sweetest words bit. My husband asked me how I had time to shower the other day and it was the sweetest sweet nothing I’d ever heard. I don’t want to hear about how good I look in jeans anymore (tiny lie), it’s all about acknowledging that what I do is HARD. You want action? Go that route.And yeah yeah for sleeping!!

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