Hey! I Should Update My Blog!

Whew! Our first official Week of Sick (for this season) is over, and we survived. It always takes awhile to remember how to function during flu season, doesn’t it? Placing tissue boxes on every available surface, finding the thermometer and Motrin and Tylenol, re-memorizing the Family Practice phone number… I don’t have to tell you- you know how it goes…

As a sick-week souvenir, my breast sprouted gaping sores- thrush, I think, passed to me from my antibiotic slurping daughter. WE SHARE EVERYTHING.

That same baby? The one that is allergic to milk and had a double ear infection for DAYS before I took her in? She’s walking now. One day, she refused unless she had my finger to hold on to, the next she zombie-walks all over the house.

Also? My older two are addicted to tv/computer games. I am ruining their brains FOREVER, but it’s so peaceful. Everyday, I say to myself “I will allow less tv/computer games today”. But then? Then I don’t.

Confession: We got DVR and we’re all a bit in love with our TV. Tongue-kissing, can’t take our hands off each other kind of love.

That “tv-ruins-kids’-brains” data… that’s all just a racket, right?


12 thoughts on “Hey! I Should Update My Blog!

  1. Congrats on the DVR! Hallmark needs to make a card for that! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.You need to read Everything Bad Is Good For You! VINDICATED!Sorry about the boobs.

  2. Ouch on the thrush but AWESOME about the DVR. I think that’s what I want Santa to bring us. And I LOL on the “tongue-kissing, can’t take our hands off each other kind of love” for your TV. Too funny.

  3. Do you believe we used to put a VCR tape in and program it everytime we wanted a show taped? Now, I don’t even know when the shows come on. I set it up once and then check the show list. I am surprised when I see what has taped. Congrats on getting over the first of the sickys for the year. Nothing is worse than babies who are sick.

  4. I LOVE my DVR and I can’t imagine life without it. At one point we had 2 – one for his shows, one for mine, but then we agreed that was probably excessive.

  5. Artemisia- now I’m laughing, b/c I thought you wanted me to put chapstick on my BREASTS! But no, you were refering to the tongue-kissing TV fettish I have. *slaps forhead*Also, glad to hear I’m not the only one addicted to DVR/Tivo. And just think- our kids won’t remember a time w/o it! CRAZY.(It IS the new crack. WORD.)

  6. I want a DVR so I can watch Oprah on MY schedule.Glad everyone is feeling better. Sometime I like it when my kids are sick so I don’t feel guilty parking them in front of the TV.

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