What’s Better Than a Visit To Santa?

Why, tea with the Sugar Plum Fairy, of course!

Joan, friend, Kate, Sugar Plum Fairy, and Clara

Joan, enjoying her sugary feast, er, I mean “tea”.

There was a dance lesson too- here’s the girls practicing their ballet moves.

This age- nearly 5- is so awesome, you guys! I’m loving it. Whenever any of you share your trials with your 1- or 2-year-olds, I sigh. Part of me totally relates, part of me is smug, for already having crossed that parenthood hurdle, and part of me thinks “YOU JUST WAIT”. (There are probably worse words you can say to parents, but “YOU JUST WAIT” ranks right up there. I hate it. And yet.) Because, really, age 3 was the hardest for me. They were cranky, whiny, unappreciative, button-pushing-all-the-DAMN-TIME, screamy little ingrates. Turning 4 helped some- things got slowly better over the last year. But nearing 5, I can already see that this is going to be F-U-N.

On Saturday night, I put curlers in their hair. And they were excited about it. Yesterday, we took them shopping to buy gifts for each other. And then Joan made a card for Kate’s present that said “Dear Kate, I love you because you are beautiful. Love Joan”. We went to “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium”, and they were so delighted with the whole experience. They took turns sitting on our laps, and I got sniff after sniff of their delicious hair/scalp smell. Every morning they open our advent box and report to us how many days until Christmas, and also how many days until Christmas Eve, and also how many days until we leave for Grandma’s.

It’s awesome.

Also, today Marin and I were playing with her doll. I was doing “So Big!” and “Patty Cake” etc with her doll’s hands. When I quit, she grabbed the doll’s hands and did the sign for “more” with the doll’s hands!

Yes, she is a baby genius.


8 thoughts on “What’s Better Than a Visit To Santa?

  1. I, too, hate “YOU JUST WAIT!”. It seems so unnecessarily Debbie Downer. I like this positive review of Almost-5!CURLERS! Oh, I am giddy. They are so, so, cute!

  2. Oh, this almost, ALMOST, makes me reconsider becoming a mother. This time of year always does.But the other 344 days of the year still scare the hell out of me.What a fun, happy post. I am in the best mood now.

  3. They look adorable in their little black & white dresses.Almost-5 is an awesome age. They’re still full of wonder and still think mom is a genius in every way possible. They are more independent, less whiney and very fun. Enjoy it!And the doll making the more sign? Awesome!

  4. Awww! This is a great post. I sometimes wonder if I have the energy to get through the next 18 years. Or today. Or just the next hour. But remembering how much FUN is still in store… that’s something to focus on.

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