Highlights: Words

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great Christmas!

*We had David’s family Christmas on Saturday, drove all day on Sunday, finished some last minute shopping on Monday, opened presents with my mom on Monday late afternoon, ended up skipping church b/c we were too crunched for time, went to my dad’s place on Monday night and opened MORE presents, came back to mom’s leave Santa milk and cookies and 9 carrots (for the reindeer) and go to bed so Santa could come.

*By Christmas Day we were exhausted, but also happy. We went to the lake and ate, ate, ate. Also, we played outside, the girls got to go 4 wheeling, played board games, watched movies and enjoyed being together.

*We made it to SD- in case I haven’t mentioned it 80 gajillion times before, it’s 550 miles of driving. Our kids did so great in the cars, once again. We are always so damn impressed by them.

*Yesterday was a perfect day of nothing. We couldn’t rally, so we just napped and played and napped some more. There was also lots of cookies and chocolate. I don’t think I even like chocolate anymore.

*My mom’s boyfriend came over for dinner last night. My mom is getting laid! You guys, that is so weird. (I am happy for her. He seems very nice. He’s a cowboy!)

*I am doing laundry today. Coming home with suitcases full of CLEAN clothes? LIFE-CHANGING.

* David MADE me a flat screen TV. Yes. He made it. It’s so cute! He got some kind of kit, blah, blah, blah, used a flat screen monitor, blah blah, blah. Who cares how he did it- he made me a TV. That’s right. Mama’s got a flat screen.

*I also got a bunch more Fiestaware (so fun!), I Like You by Amy Sedaris (you must read this), some warm jammies, and a CD/MP3 player for my kitchen. My dad also bought us a new leather ottoman. I can’t wait to get home and try everything out.

What were your Christmas highlights?

(Highlights: Pictures coming soon.)


8 thoughts on “Highlights: Words

  1. Tessie- I KNOW. I didn’t know you could either. I’ll have to post a picture…Swistle- that is awesome. A Christmas surprise… it’s so great when screwy travel drama ends with everyone happy. =)

  2. I think seeing Addy old enough to be excited about Christmas and presents and a candlelit church but not old enough to be a greedy, whiny little monster was my highlight! I just remember hitting a certain age where Christmas was more about my list of what I wanted than about the sparkle and magic and miracle of it all, and I remember being aware that I had lost something. I think there are a couple of years at least before that happens to Addy, though, right?

  3. My highlight was watching my boys and my newphews tear into each other’s gifts on Christmas Eve. Also, when my newphew found out Santa came early and got so excited saying, “Mommy! I want to see the reindeer!” Priceless.

  4. I got a GPS.Utah is easy to get around, giant mountains make it hard to get lost.But when I go back to the flat wasteland of Indiana?Lola the GPS is going EVERYWHERE WITH ME.Even the bathroom, I love her that much.

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