Long Winter, Non-Pioneer Style

First, some pictures:


Keeping the girl happy while we waited and waited…

Static guard NOT included.

Princess Kate, feeling a bit overwhelmed by everyone singing to her.

Princess Joan’s M&M bliss.

So, with the girls’ birthday done and over with, the winter stretches out forever. (They had a princess/super-hero party, which was espeically a hit with all the little princesses they invited. GAG! Can you believe I had a princess party for my kids? Once again: Standards Revised For the Sake of the Children.) But back to the Long Winter

Laura Ingalls Wilder comes to mind, over and over. Could it be because the girls received season 1 and 2 of Little House on the Prairie for their birthday? Or is it Swistle’s mention of wanting a rope connecting the house and barn?

As the temps continue to dip and DIP, and schools are called off because it’s too COLD (and this is MN people- WE LOVE US SOME WINDCHILL, so you know if they are canceling school it has to be C-O-L-D), I can’t help but think about the Ingalls’- without food, the train bearing their survival necessities stuck in snow for the winter, poor blind Mary stumbling around half frozen. And then that porcupine Almonzo- hiding grain is the wall of his house and forcing Pa to go over and kick some future-son-in-law ARSE. (WHAT? YOU don’t have both the Laura books and the TV show completely memorized? That is your homework. Now, go!)

As I dress myself and the kids in alternating layers of polar fleece and, well, more polar fleece, I can’t help but thinking the Man Upstairs knew what he was doing when he planted me on earth after the invention of CENTRAL HEATING and treadmills and coffee-mate (specifically, toffee delight) and water heaters.

So while the wind howls and causes an alarming weird wind-caused sound to echo occasionally throughout our house, I’ll sit back with some hot soup and maybe play Oregon Trail on Facebook. I may even look back on pictures of myself, at an age too embarrasing to mention, dressed in my prairie dress, with my hair in two braids, AT THE MALL, and THANK GOD that my one childhood wish- that I could be Laura- was not answered.