Boys Vs. Girls

Dear readers,

I’ve left that last post languishing far too long, though it has been fun to hear people’s reaction to our “situation”. We, ok– mostly me, have been taking an informal survey of friends and family, and it seems we have 2 camps: those who react like I did with complete horror, and those who think what David did was a completely harmless, if not genius, solution. And, sorry to reinforce any stereotypes here, but the two groups are divided neatly by gender: women = horrified; men = in agreement with David.

I did not mean to argue whether or not David’s solution was safe (which I still believe it NOT). Instead I wanted to argue whether or not David had enough knowledge to make that decision (which he DOESN’T).

Also, I should have mentioned that he not only crammed a pillow in the vent, but he also then placed a thick board flush with the wall and THEN pushed the tv stand against the board. NO AIR was escaping, no sireebob.

Now you all can go getting sympathetic with David if you wish, but please note that there are probably at least 27 other things that he’s tinkered with in this house that could also cause fire/carbon monoxide/ who the fuck knows kinds of problems. THIS IS MY LIFE, is what I’m saying. We have outlets and phone jacks and cables popping up all over the place- breeding like damn rabbits- and who knows (well, DAVID) what else going on.

Living dangerously with Do-it-yourself Davey