Sleep Update and Laura Links

So a few of you have been so kind to ask me about our sleeping situation since Marin got tubes in her ears. I figure since you’ve been so kind as to put up with all of our sleep drama for so long, it’s only fair that I tell you how tubes have affected our lives.

So, currently, Marin’s sleeping has… wait for it… remained the same.


She still is up fairly often at night- and still winds up in our bed by morning, and I’m still nursing her overnight because Dude, what else do I do?

It’s nice to know she’s not in any pain anymore (though we DID have a stretch where I could have SWORN she had an ear infection, but had none of the tell-tale drainage of an ear-infection-with-tubes). But after a few nights of getting up, like, every 45 minutes (and I’m not even kidding), she’s back to her normal routine.

I try not to think much about her/our sleeping situation, because if I do it stresses me out. It stresses me out AND it doesn’t solve anything.

She does go to sleep now in her crib instead of us rocking her, and she is nursing LESS overall (I think, anyway, though I have no substantial evidence to back that up…)

So there you have it. And now, some Little House on the Prairie/Laura Ingalls Wilder links:

This is a wikipedia link that has some great factual information about the REAL Laura. Like, did you know that there really WAS a baby brother that died? Though he died at 9 months, and not as a newborn like he did on the show.

Here is a link to Melissa Gilbert’s wikipedia page- with lots of information about what she did after LHOTP. The kid who played Willie Olson? His name is Jonathon Gilbert, as in Laura’s brother in real life.

For a list of the cast of characters, and more links to their websites and information of where they are now, click here.

Click on over to see Melissa Gilbert’s official website– where you will find Q&A, lots of photos in the photo gallery from her LHOTP days. Also, the only person she stayed in regular contact with after the show was Alison Arngrim– the actress who played Nellie Olson! (BTW, she now does stand up.)

Melissa Gilbert’s myspace page!

Alison Arngrim’s myspace page.

Lindsey and Sidney Greenbush’s (the twins who played Carrie) myspace page. Also their official website. I was shocked to realize that little Carrie was OLDER than I was! When I watched the show (already in reruns), I always thought of her as the “baby”.

I am a huge nerd.

The end.

(Still no spell check. *shrugs shoulders* They were going to find out sooner or later.)


3 thoughts on “Sleep Update and Laura Links

  1. Oh, Laura Ingalls Wilder. How I love her. When I was little we used to go to the LIW Pageant in Walnut Grove and visit the place where the sod house thing was and everything.Hang in there with the sleep. Maybe there’s a ramping up period?

  2. I love little house, every character does their part well, this is the show that I love to watch, and I got my husband and my children hooked on it. I love Michael he meant a great deal to me, when he died I felt like a part of me died too, in order for me to keep him in my heart, I continue to watch lil house, and I love Melissa Gilbert, Matthew Laborteaux, and his brother Patrick, Melissa Sue Anderson, you all were the best, but Karen Grassle (Caroline) I admired you the most.. You set the stage for a great mother figure, and you understood kids.. I was a teenager when I first watch the show, and I loved and was hooked on it ever since. I do miss MIchaeal, Victor, they were awesome people, I want to leave one note, May the Lord richley bless each of your lives, and always have FAITH in the Lord.. God Bless you.Carole of Alabama

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