April Fools Heads Up

Ok, so tomorrow is the Big Day, where people with a cruel or warped sense of humor (like me) like to trick the unsuspecting masses with April Fools jokes. Want to play along?

Here’s a few of my favorites:

My aunt is married to a very miserly and greedy man who is ALWAYS pinching pennies and obsessing about money. He’ll actually yell from the computer desk: Fae, what did you buy at Target on January 25 for $7.81?

I mean, COME ON!

So one year, she decided to get him good. A few days before April 1, she had taken a (FAKE) phone call in his vicinity, where she knew he would be listening and had a (FAKE) conversation with the “Publisher’s Clearing House folks”. When she “hung up”, she rolled her eyes and said “Well. That was probably a hoax.” And then explained to her husband that “someone” from “Publisher’s Clearing House” wanted to make a house call on Saturday [which happened to be April 1], and could they please be home, and they should also be “prepared, you know like look nice and have the house clean and the grass cut etc”. All the while she told him this, she rolled her eyes and made it seem like she wasn’t buying it for a minute.

Well, my uncle was all excited, and the more Fae tried to down play it, the more he was convinced it was real. So he worked like a MADMAN for 2 days, cleaning and landscaping, and driving himself into a tizzy. On Saturday, he was up and dressed and cleaning and re-cleaning the house, picking up every crumb. She let him go on like this ALL DAY before finally saying “Um, honey? APRIL FOOLS!”

(He is still very. mad.)

Here’s another one:

A few years ago, when I was pregnant with Marin, a good friend of mine had a new baby. A couple of weeks before April 1, she had her [INFAMOUS] 6 week check up and got the go-ahead for s-e-x.

So, I took a pregnancy test for her (oh, yes I did), and we put it in a Ziploc baggie, and she took it home. The next morning, she showed it to her husband. She said “I don’t know how we are going to do this! Karin is only 8 weeks old!” He was all “MAN! I’ve got to sit down! I didn’t see this coming! But we ARE going to do it! It’ll be fine! It’s just, MAN!, I didn’t see this coming.”

Well she let him go on like this for quite a few minutes before saying, slyly “April Fools!”

That is when the color finally returned to his face.


About 2 years before I got pregnant with Kate and Joan, we called my parents on April 1 and told them I was pregnant… with TWINS.

Two years later I WAS pregnant with twins.

So be careful what you put out into the universe, what comes around goes around, etc.

And if you do something good this year, please share! I’ve got nothing up my sleeve, so far anyway.