Garage Sale

So I have a new motto: In my way, in the trash… unless you are worth 25 cents, then into the garage sale pile.

I am ruthless, you guys. I am throwing out SO MUCH crap, and throwing an equal amount of crap into the “garage sale” corner of the attic. I went through the girls’ room and got a huge bag of garbage and a huge bag of garage sale stuff. Behind their back.

So this will scar them, surely, to have toys practically ripped from their distracted grasp and tossed out/sold, but my question is HOW MUCH it will scar them. Are we talking years in therapy, or becoming a hoarder a la Oprah show style? Or is it more simply that they’ll save all of their college texts JUST IN CASE and have a lifetime of bad dreams where they are looking for something but never find it?

Because I cannot involve them in the sorting process, NO WAY. I’ve already tried it. The results were them trying to put their old ripped torn art work from preschool in the sale pile and sobbing over the Dora doll that sings “feliz navidad” that they have NEVER ONCE EVEN TOUCHED. If given their druthers, they would keep everything, plus cruise all the neighborhood garage sales and haul home all of their discarded junk.

So most days you can find me sneaking up to the attic with an armload of confiscated CRAP, hoping they won’t find it under all the other household stuff in the pile. If they do, whoo-boy, am I going to be in trouble!

(I’ve never actually had a garage sale, opting to dropping off loads to the Neighborhood Service Center instead. But this time we have waaaaay too much stuff. Any tips on garage sale do’s and don’ts?)