Contest High

Boy, weren’t those contests SO FUN over at Swistle’s place? I had considered doing a “guess which picture is me contest”, but so many of my readers either a) know me in real life or b) are my Facebook friends, and therefore have seen my picture already.

BUT. I have another idea: let’s have a contest to see who can guess how much I made at the garage sale this weekend.

The sale was all day Friday and Saturday morning. It was Tiny Town’s “city wide” garage sales, and the weather was beautiful. But this also means there were lots of other people selling things, and lots of people enjoying the weather. I didn’t have many big things, mostly kid’s clothes and smaller household items. I made more than $100 and less than $1000.

The person to guess closest to my total for BOTH days, without going over, will receive a care package from me. I’m not sure what will be in the care package, but it will probably include a copy of whatever book I’m currently reading and something baked. I might add a few of my garage sale items that didn’t sell. I’m not sure yet.

The contest will end on Wednesday (May 21st) at noon, my time- CDT. I will email the winner for mailing information.

If you’ve spoken to me about the garage sale, you are not qualified to participate. Sorry.

Ok? Go!


16 thoughts on “Contest High

  1. Thanks for checking in over at my new Blog! I am a little late for your contest, but I am hoping you will accept my guess anyway: $476.54

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