Waaaay Too Personal


So here’s what I’m wondering…. Do you have pubic hair?

If you DO, do you do the whole trim and shave routine on a regular basis, or just when you are going to the doctor/wearing a bathing suit? Or do you do nothing at all?

If you DON’T, how do you get rid of it? Do you wax, shave, or some other magic? Do you do this year round, or just for special occasions?

What about your friends/sisters- especially those younger than you? Do they have pubic hair?

I have a theory that pubic hair is on the way out, just like arm pit hair and leg hair. I’m guessing the younger women (let’s say, 25 and younger) routinely go bald in their nether regions. Are teenagers getting Brazilians? Like, before prom?

Feel free to answer anonymously.


23 thoughts on “Waaaay Too Personal

  1. Weird as it sounds, my husband does the shaving for me. Hell, I can’t see what I’m doing and he can. And, it’s free! I thought I would hate it when he first suggested it, but I love it. And it’s overdue. 🙂

  2. oh i love this question. i am very curious about what folks do. i am very hairy – very. i shave only, and i only shave the bikini line, however it never looks clean, i have stubble and going to the beach i am very concerned about it. i ONCE got a wax and i was black and blue after it. and it didn’t even work that much better. again only the bikini line part. i am embarrassed to say that i am not sure what most women do ? i mean do you live the patch of hair there, b/c i do. it is a ton of hair. gross. but i would have to cut and shave ??? trim ?? man can not wait to see the answers.

  3. I think your theory about the under 25 set is right. I’ve had the conversation with my friends and we agree that it’s good to leave a little in the area, just to avoid looking like a little girl. I shave, a couple of my friends wax or sugar.

  4. I agree that it’s on its way out, based on some of my more, uh, COSMOPOLITAN friends and their habits. I’m a little freaked by TOTALLY bald though, the “little girl” connection icks me out.I still do the old classic shave-and-trim, at least during bathing suit season.

  5. I should’ve added that I’m a shave & trim girl, and I usually do it year round since it helps with The Red Bumps.Also, I do think that no hair equals little girl. But I think women younger than me would disagree. AND WHAT DO THE MEN THINK??? I mean, not that it matters, since the only man I’m worried about already KNOWS I’m not a baldy… but is it becoming GROSS for younger men to see pubic hair on women???

  6. I’m a shave and trim girl, year round. I’m a hairy beast so I have to keep up with it. I’m anti totally bald b/c of the little girl association.I also agree that hair is on its way out. I always wondered why, since we shave so often, does the hair just not take the hint and quit growing back. Maybe in 100 years through evolution the women will be less hairy or even hairless?

  7. Out baby out. I started laser like three years ago and then got pregnant three times (one miscarriage) and now we just don’t have the dough to finish the process. So I shave a lot. But my hair’s all sorts of thick (tmi?) and I get the bumps which I hate. But hair bugs me! So i do it for me (does it really matter?) and the people at the pool just happen to benefit. Hell I’d laser it all if we were rolling in crisp fifties (to borrow a phrase from swistle). Fun topic.

  8. Jess, you can laser it all off, LIKE FOREVER???Anon at 2:30 pm- I use scissors and a razor. I just tidy up the place a bit, keep the bikini line SOMEWHAT presentable.

  9. I’m 27..when I met my husband I was a brazilian waxer…but left a “landing strip”. Everything else…waxed from butt to front. However, that was once a month at $50 a pop. So, now that I reeled him in and gotten married, I’m a shaver (the sides & the “undercarriage”) and trimmer.

  10. This is an interesting question. I shave/ trim usually except for the FIRST TIME this year I got a bikini wax. It was totally not traumatic like I feared it would be. I did it because with little kids, I can’t be constantly readjusting my swimsuit at the pool and I am totally self-conscious. I’d never go totally bald. That would hurt way too badly for me.Also, I am WITH YOU on the no-hair trend theory. Absolutely.

  11. I use a disposable-type razor in the shower to shave the edges (the bikini line) and what another commenter calls “the undercarriage.” And I trim the length periodically, with scissors.I have once or twice gone completely bare, like with Nair—and not only does it itch like crazy, but I feel like it looks perverted—like a little girl.I notice that porn stars tend to be bald (for visibility, I assume). If I were with a man who was really set on bare, I might want to know what he’d been looking at that made him think that was normal.I read somewhere about a woman who kind of apologized to her OB for not being shaved, and the OB said actually most women weren’t. But it would help if I remembered where I read that.

  12. I love this topic!!! It’s like part reality show, part public service announcement!I shave, trim, and pray that it will go AWAY. I would go bald if it wouldn’t itch so much, just for the coolness of it – as in not as sweaty-feeling in the summer, not as in wanting to be like Britney’s bald eagle photo! Since I don’t do that, I just try to make it so there aren’t any ‘stragglers’ when I go to the pool. I have kids. I have no pride, really.I want to know why it is that the hair on our heads goes white, but the hair on my other body parts doesn’t?! I’ve found a few whities down there, but will it all go white? And will that look kind of good (or at least better than what I have going on now?)? When is my underarm hair going to turn white so I can stop having to shave it all the time?!

  13. GREAT topic! I am friends with lots of early twenties girls and am one myself, and other than me, I think they all go bare. They say they think that most guys our age aren’t used to seeing pubic hair on women and find it gross. (Hello, stupid porn industry setting women back yet again.)I have gone bare ONCE and it was horribly itchy and uncomfortable and I felt like a prepubescent little girl. But that was shaving- I don’t know how it feels to get a Brazilian. Maybe less uncomfortable afterwards. But I am way too lazy for that much maintenance. I keep it trimmed down with clippers, and shave the bikini line and such every few days. Even that feels like a lot. But I am fairly hairy and would have a total bush under my bathing suit (heck, under tight PANTS) if I didn’t trim it back.

  14. i’m not that hairy at all so the bathing suit issue is moot for me. however, i randomly shave what’s there; actually the hubs shaves it–just like anon June 19, 2008 8:06 AM said. we use a combo of razor and electric trimmer and it ends up mostly bald.as for the trend i think bald is taking on, or at least partially bald. my younger friends (i’m almost 40) get brazilians or shave. a younger male cousin told the hubs he and all his friends shave. ew. sorry. not to judge but shaved men wouldn’t do it for me.love this topic and all the comments.

  15. Hairy beast here and I shave/trim year round to keep it from getting totally out of control. I also did 5 laser treatments on my underarms and binkin line about 6 years ago. It was AWESOME and as soon as we have the spare money (we’re about to try for baby #2 so that would be…. NEVER) I would love to finish it/get my legs done too! The woman who did it was a nurse in my dermatologist’s office and since I was a “perfect candidate” (dark hair, pale skin), she offered a discount to try out their new laser. I used to have to shave underarms and bikini line EVERY day and still had stubble/bumps. Now I shave my underarms once a week, just to catch the strays. This is total bliss since I live in CA and am in tank tops most days of the year. My bikini line needs a bit more attention but it’s so much better than it was.As for the younger set, I think that’s totally true. But I’m old and I think those young whippersnappers are crazy about most things.

  16. This was a hysterical entry and makes me wish I had a secret blog. (or that my parents and kids didn’t read mine)The comments were entertaining, too. I used to have the full grown forest. Then, I got with the times and shaved leaving a landing strip. Then, I got brave and went with the little girl look. That was way too much maintenance! So, I’m back to the landing strip. I wish there was no such thing as unwanted hair. Life would be so much easier. Thanks for the laughs and addressing such an interesting but taboo topic!

  17. oh thank god I am not only one that when it is all gone it itches .. bad .. and to not worry about pool season I justt wear the short type of swim suit bottom. I shave and trimmy question is: why do people want to do brazilians as their job????

  18. I feel sort of sad/disgusted by society that everyone is all EW HAIR GROSS, when it is a natural thing. Hair is natural. I’m a hairy person, and I keep things trimmed up and tidy because it is more comfortable, but I think bald looks gross and unnatural. And because it is my body, I really wouldn’t give a shit about what a man would think. Although, in contribution to the discussion, I’ve heard men say bald looks weird, creepy in the little-girl way, or gross in a porn-star way. If a guy is completely grossed out by a bit of pubic hair, he has Bigger Issues with unrealistic views of humanity/biology. I’ve always assumed most women have at least some sort of patch of hair, because who has time to constantly be dealing with it/worrying about it? As long as nothing is showing outside a swimsuit, I’m fine.

  19. I literally JUST started reading you from a link on swistle’s blog…who I found through plain jane…etc I just wanted to comment since from what I read so far I think I am in the minority.I am bald, all day, every day 365 days a years. I am 22 soon to be 23 and I have been doing the bald thing since I was about 19. Before that I had trimmed and such.The area kept getting smaller and smaller as time when by.I like it. It was itchy at first but it really isnt anymore. (I dont shave everyday…I do leave about 2 or 3 days between so I don’t get any irritation) I feel more comfortable that way and i don’t see the little girl similarity, it really doesn’t remind of me it. Also I feel with hair that it can kind of hold smell (AHHH TMI) and thats why I like the baldness better too. I am really sensitive about hygiene and paranoid that I have any odorous issues.I guess I fit in your hypothesis that us 20somethings are going bare. 🙂

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