Hey, Just a Question(S) For You

So, vacation.

It’s going really well. Our drive out was uneventful, except for the KICK ASS bouncing pillow we discovered (on exit 402 on I-90 in SD, in case you find yourself making that drive), when we pulled off the interstate approximately 25 seconds after pulling onto the interstate so that my husband could “drug up”.

(He’s a diabetic.) (We had just stopped for dinner.)

(It’s all legal, I swear.)

Anyway, bouncing pillow. It’s like a tennis court sized trampoline at some dinky campground, and the mo-fo can BOUNCE. I nearly launched Marin to the moon, yo. Anyway, it was a great, energy releasing break, and I wish I had grabbed my camera. Certainly we will stop there again.

I was not at all looking forward to coming here, which is an unusual break from my normal “omg I have butterflies in my stomach I can’t wait It’s going to be so much fun” attitude before we leave. This time I was emotionally tired and not feeling like using any of my energy reserves on dealing with family for 10 days.

But. Being here feels like a nice break from everything. There are always extra adults around, and THE AIR HAVE I MENTIONED THE AIR? It’s so fresh and clean and pine-y smelling. At night, the temps drop (lately to the 40’s!) and the crisp night air makes me feel calm and peaceful.

Also, I’ve had TWO orgasmic grocery store experiences here, plus a really successful clothes shopping trip, which I was able do BY MYSELF. This along with the biking, hiking, boating, site-seeing ETC, and things are stacking up quite nicely.

Oh, hey, I started writing this to ask you this question: If you had to give up either sex or hot water- for the rest of your life- which would it be?

(OK, FINE, I got that question out of my mom’s Good Housekeeping magazine, so SHUT UP. It’s still a good question.)

I think I would give up sex. Because I use hot water every day. And in the winter, sometimes a hot shower is… well, it’s part of my Survival Technique: MN Edition. But then again… never to have sex again… I JUST DON’T KNOW.

Question, Part 2: So say you chose to give up sex. The next part of the question is: would you give up hot water or laughter for the rest of your life?

I’m asking you because David refused to play. His answer was a) I’d move to a different country or b) I’d give up neither.