Hey, Just a Question(S) For You

So, vacation.

It’s going really well. Our drive out was uneventful, except for the KICK ASS bouncing pillow we discovered (on exit 402 on I-90 in SD, in case you find yourself making that drive), when we pulled off the interstate approximately 25 seconds after pulling onto the interstate so that my husband could “drug up”.

(He’s a diabetic.) (We had just stopped for dinner.)

(It’s all legal, I swear.)

Anyway, bouncing pillow. It’s like a tennis court sized trampoline at some dinky campground, and the mo-fo can BOUNCE. I nearly launched Marin to the moon, yo. Anyway, it was a great, energy releasing break, and I wish I had grabbed my camera. Certainly we will stop there again.

I was not at all looking forward to coming here, which is an unusual break from my normal “omg I have butterflies in my stomach I can’t wait It’s going to be so much fun” attitude before we leave. This time I was emotionally tired and not feeling like using any of my energy reserves on dealing with family for 10 days.

But. Being here feels like a nice break from everything. There are always extra adults around, and THE AIR HAVE I MENTIONED THE AIR? It’s so fresh and clean and pine-y smelling. At night, the temps drop (lately to the 40’s!) and the crisp night air makes me feel calm and peaceful.

Also, I’ve had TWO orgasmic grocery store experiences here, plus a really successful clothes shopping trip, which I was able do BY MYSELF. This along with the biking, hiking, boating, site-seeing ETC, and things are stacking up quite nicely.

Oh, hey, I started writing this to ask you this question: If you had to give up either sex or hot water- for the rest of your life- which would it be?

(OK, FINE, I got that question out of my mom’s Good Housekeeping magazine, so SHUT UP. It’s still a good question.)

I think I would give up sex. Because I use hot water every day. And in the winter, sometimes a hot shower is… well, it’s part of my Survival Technique: MN Edition. But then again… never to have sex again… I JUST DON’T KNOW.

Question, Part 2: So say you chose to give up sex. The next part of the question is: would you give up hot water or laughter for the rest of your life?

I’m asking you because David refused to play. His answer was a) I’d move to a different country or b) I’d give up neither.



17 thoughts on “Hey, Just a Question(S) For You

  1. This sounds like a game I like to play with PK where I choose two things that he really REALLY loves and make him pick ONE. Game is awesome for HOURS I tell you.What happens if you pick sex and then there’s a nuclear war and you are the last woman left alive? Can you reneg on your earlier decision so you can repopulate the earth?ACK! THE RESPONSIBILITY!

  2. Oh man, I HATE the people who refuse to play! NOT AN OPTION!In THIS case, I choose to give up hot water, but on the old food-or-sex game, I always choose to give up sex.

  3. I’d give up sex in a minute over hot water. I need hot water to live. Laughter? That’s a tough call. Would I be able to experience and see funny things but not express my delight? Or would I have the world’s boringest life?I think I’d keep hot water in either case.

  4. It cracks me up that we all love our hot water more than our hot sex (or maybe not-so-hot sex). Perhaps it’s the season of life we are in??? Between hot water and laughter, I’d think I’d have to give up hot water. I wouldn’t think THAT was very funny, though.

  5. I ALWAYS say I’d give up sex, pretty much no matter what the other option is. Because as much as I might enjoy sex During, I rarely RARELY think of it otherwise. So giving it up—-I’m not sure I’d…you know…NOTICE. Whereas hot water, well! I once went camping with a friend at a place that had only cold water. My friend and I each tried one cold-water shower—and then we just didn’t shower for the rest of the week. I was really glad to be there with a friend and not a date.

  6. 1. Sex2. Hot waterI couldn’t give up laughter; not with the kids around. Which sounds SO CLICHE but it’s true. Their laughter is a life line sometimes

  7. 1.sex2.my only question is how it is possible to give up laughter, I mean how do you make yourself NOT laugh?? seriously, would we have some sort of surgery?? (I know, I am NO fun)

  8. That sucks, but I guess I’d give up sex. I pick sex over food, but the idea of showering or bathing in cold or even tepid water EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE sounds terrifying. Even more than a life without… action.But if it were between hot water and laughter? I’d give up hot water for sure. If there weren’t laughter, would life even be worth living?

  9. I HATE these “games”. I am thee most indecisive person in the world and you have to ask me to choose something??? You’re giving me anxiety. :)But, the first question is a no-brainer. I’d totally give up sex for hot water. Mr. I-thought-it-was-a-french-fry would think that this has already occured.But hot water over laughter? No way. I need all the laughs I can get. Plus, then we’d all have to stop reading all these great blogs if we couldn’t laugh.When do you come back?

  10. I’ve been away from your blog fora week or two and now I see you’re off to SD! We have a ranch in Chamberlain..that’s what inspired my husbands latest tattoo (http://onetime-oneplace.blogspot.com/2008/07/contests-sexxxy-tattoos.html). SD is such a wonderful state and our place out there means the world to us. We also honeymooned out in the Black HIlls 4 years ago. Our favorite spot was Spearfish Canyon Lodge. I hope you can see it if it’s not already on your agenda. Have fun! Also….hot water. Hard question!

  11. I would give up hot water. I like my water cold, it’s more invigorating that way. And without hot water there would be no use in trying to do the dishes, and, therefore, more time for and interest in sex.

  12. Sex, definitely (but I could still, um, deal with myself, right?), but I couldn’t live without laughing, so I guess hot water after that. Maybe I could heat up water on the stove like the Ingalls family or something. I mean, I take cold showers in the summer, but …Your husband is a weenie who should be forced to give up both (easily accomplished if you get a headache and shower first!) until he commits. 🙂

  13. sex. and then, could I pleas trade the sex I gave up with someone uber horny and deprived so that I could have my water and laughter too??

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