In Which My Baby Itch Gets… More Itchy

So I have a new nephew! My brother and his wife welcomed their second child into the world last night. Timothy Hunter.

My mom send me three pictures of him, and he’s adorable. Wait. Let’s back up. My mom send me three pictures. ONLY THREE. Is this some kind of creative torture device, made just for newborn crazies like myself? Come on Mom- how about sending me a kazillion and three pictures.

Then again, being around new babies does not help, not one little bit. I am still wanting to have another baby someday. As my own “baby” becomes more and more, well, like a defiant hairless chimp, I am forced to see that she is no longer an infant. This reality sucks.

But you know, and I know I’ve talked about this before here, and if you know me in real life than you are surely tired of this topic and I am sorry, but I want anther baby. BUT I’m not sure I want to add another child to our family. I worry about not being able to do a good job with four kids. I worry that the more kids we have, the more socially isolated we will become. I worry that my next baby might grow up too.

So while I love me some newborn neck sniffs, I’m not sure it is actually good for me to participate in such activities. But staying away from new babies is… well, it’s like living without hot water OR sex OR chocolate, you know? This situation is the opposite of win-win, because either way I am tortured.

And that friends, is my overly-privileged, blessedly fertile sob story. Sorry Tessie, but this one beats dropping your phone in the pool.


10 thoughts on “In Which My Baby Itch Gets… More Itchy

  1. “defiant hairless chimp” is by far my favorite description of a toddler so far. Too funny. Thanks for that.I think that we are biologically programmed to procreate immediately at the sight and smell of an infant. However, the actual decision of having another is so much more complicated, isn’t it?

  2. YAY AUTIE MARIE!I sympathize SO MUCH with your baby itch. I want another now. NOW?! Yes, now. Which is positively NUTS. But still. WANT.

  3. I wish that I could say that 4 is the same as 2 or 3, but I can’t. My experience has been tough, and I think it’s because of the age differences~the kids are 7, 3 and 18 months (twinsies), and it’s all about who can do what and who can’t do something. We are VERY socially isolated, mostly because my older children act like total morons whenever we go somewhere. Plus, it takes way too much work to take them all somewhere, especially alone. Sorry. I didn’t mean to rant.

  4. Three is definitely my limit. I do love babies, but I’ll have to get my fix from other peoples’ babies. Three fit in the backseat of our car. Three are manageable at the grocery store. Right now all three are on totally different weekday schedules (one full days at school, one half-days, one in day care) and it’s about killing me. I would burst into tears if I had to juggle one more.BUT, that’s me! You should totally have a fourth!

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