Joan was happy-go-lucky. Kate was nervous and a little teary. I was cycling manically through being sad, relieved, ready, NOT ready, nervous, excited.

And that was on the night before the first day of Kindergarten.

When the big day arrived (yesterday), we all rose much earlier than we are used to and whipped through our new morning routine, almost without a hitch. After the first couple of hours of parent orientation, David and I left the school, holding hands, without our babies.

Kate cried a little before we left.

To my surprise, I didn’t have any tears. I did well up a few times throughout the morning, but mostly I was thinking RIP THE BANDAGE OFF ALREADY. I’ve been emotionally preparing for this all summer (if not longer) so it was a relief to just DO IT.

Today was Day Two.

Kate cried more today and clung to me for awhile before agreeing to let me go.

Joan was annoyed when I kissed her goodbye.

I was doing fine today, until you people had to write all these incredibly beautiful posts. Damn you!

So now it’s just Marin and me. I’m not sure how this new routine is going to roll, but I’m a little lost as to what to do with myself. I’ve decided to give up my afternoon nap in favor of going to bed earlier, so I now am the proud owner of 2-3 hours of childless time every afternoon. I can’t leave the house, as Marin is napping, but I can…. blog! and clean! and… put some thing in the mail! and…. um?… Anyone?


6 thoughts on “First

  1. I cried at both those posts this morning too. At work, at my very public desk. And my son is only 2, so it isn’t like I dropped him off anywhere new today.Thinking of you, and I hope the girls have some great stories to tell you at the dinner table!

  2. Welcome to the life of a mom with kids in school. Although I still have 3 at home, but it is a different world when you’re down a child or two.So, I have twins who run on furniture and one that climbs out of her crib (19 months!)….any advice?

  3. It is amazing how different they are, huh? Excellent job, Momma!Also, SO GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK! I missed you. I selfishly hope the start of school means more blog posts. No pressure or anything…

  4. Although I only have one, I feel the same way. I have been preparing her all summer. When she welled up the first day, I knew if I lost it, she would be a mess (although my heart was breaking on the inside) so I stayed strong. Today was the first real school day. I think I have been SO busy this week, I haven’t noticed, but I think next week, I will be missing my little girl. Kindergarten is so long.

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