Little Mommy


Go to the toy section of your local department store (in our area, we can choose between Target and Walmart). Find the doll aisle. There is a brand of doll called “Little Mommy” by Fisher Price. This is a doll that babbles and coos and says “mama”. It has some sort of motion detector that makes it “talk” when you walk by.

Hold doll close to your ear and activate the talking. About the third babble, the doll will coo and then say, quite clearly “Islam is the light”.

I’m totally not kidding.

Once you hear it, you’ll be able to hear it again and again quite clearly.

I almost bought one because this cracks me up. It’s amusing to me, and even more amusing to me that people find it “offensive”. My friend Tina first heard about this on the news, and I guess people were “outraged”.

Seriously, check it out and then tell me what you hear.