More Pictures: Halloween Costumes

So before we all start decking the halls and Fa-la-la-la-ing, I figured I’d better post some pictures of the girls in their Halloween costumes. As promised.

I ended up letting them wear their brown boots with pink flowers (we already owned these- they were on Target clearance for only a couple of dollars last winter). Marin wore her brown mary-janes. I don’t think the footwear distracted from the costumes as I previously feared.

I wish we had more good pictures, but they weren’t exactly in the mood. Everyone knew exactly who they were supposed to be, so that was fun. The rag doll and school books were fun props for them. If only we had some metal lunch pails- that would have been PERFECT to collect candy in.


8 thoughts on “More Pictures: Halloween Costumes

  1. Once again, LOVE those costumes. When I taught first grade I always read at least the first Little House book to my kids, I can’t wait to share it with Harper. I don’t remember, did you MAKE those costumes?

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