Laptop, Cold, Adorable

David kicked me off our computer.

We have a home office, with all-the-latest in computer advances, including 2 flat screen monitors. Also, a comfy chair, superfast connection, and other bells and whistles that I don’t have proper appreciation for… until they are gone.

The problem was that we would fight over using the computer. When I say “fight” I mean the silent type- I would dash into the office to check my email while he finished putting the kids to bed, then he would hover and pace- without saying a word- waiting for me to get off. I would be annoyed that he was hovering and pacing and take my time. ECT, ECT, ECT.

(We have other computers- but this was the easiest to use and also the only one with both my email and all of our (kazillions) of pictures on it.)

Soooo, David finally had enough and moved all of it over to my very own laptop.

I’m mostly happy with this arrangement.


How do laptop users get comfortable while using a laptop? I mean, short of sitting at the kitchen table (HARD, WOODEN, COLD), I am facing an ergonomic shitstorm over here. My legs are stiff from being curled under me, my shoulder is stiff from using the mouse, my wrists are stiff from trying to type. Also, I think I’ve developed a twitch.

Do other laptop users use the laptop on their laps? Because if they do, I cannot figure out how they are not hunched over, carpel tunnel ridden, permanently altered invalids.

In other news, it is minus 6.2 degrees Fahrenheit here right now. As in: BELOW ZERO. Windchill is currently being measured in Kelvin. Since the temperatures have plummeted 3 DAYS AGO, I have managed to not step a single big toe outside. I’m not sure if that qualifies me as a hermit or a genius, but whatevs. I’m warm.

(And by warm, I mean I’m sitting in my 67 degree house under 23 blankets, with 7 wool sweaters and about eleventy billion pairs of socks on.)

(Which, incidentally, then turns me into a panting, mouth breathing, sweating, ball-o-fun when I whip out the vacuum approx. every 2.4 minutes to suck up all of the pine needles OMeffingG the pine needles!)

Finally, news from the adorable front: I don’t think I mentioned in my last post that Coco plays fetch. We toss her favorite “dead bird” toy, and she does that awkward chirp/meow and dashes after it. After she makes sure it’s STILL DEAD, she trots back to us with it in her mouth, just like a puppy.


She also loves to chase Marin while Marin drags a string. Between the toddler chubby legs pumping around, and the toddler belly laugh, and the kitten sliding into walls as she tries (and fails) to catch the string… Honestly, I don’t need to go out (and possibly FREEZE TO DEATH), I have free entertainment right here.


6 thoughts on “Laptop, Cold, Adorable

  1. I had to laugh reading this post because I’m currently sitting all twisted up on my sofa, with my legs pretzelled up under me, my torso twisted around to face our side table so that my laptop is at a decent height (save the shoulders! wreck the back!!)When seriously writing (like a post or lengthy email) I usually haul out this old lapdesk from college (the kind with a fabric bottom filled with beads and a flat top) and then put that on a pillow on my lap while I sit on the couch. That is reasonably comfortable.

  2. Oh how I've missed you!These posts are positively AWESOME. I mean, other than the sliding into lows part, which was SAD but is now NOT SAD because things seem to be working.Ahem.Coco is perfectly adorable and I want pics of Marin & Coco together kthanx.I use a laptop and love it. I use one at work AND at home. I almost never sit in the same place with it. I'm over here standing, then I'm over there sitting, then I'm around the corner and up the stairs and over the river and through the woods, and I don't get crampy or carpel tunnelly because the ever changing positions.

  3. I have a laptop, too. It’s almost always on my lap, but I’m either cross-legged, or I have a pillow on my lap, or my knees are bent, or something. Otherwise, I’m at the table, or the counter.

  4. We have a chaise at one end of our sofa, so my legs are out, laptop on top. It also serves to keep me warm in the winter. Bonus!That kitten is too adorable. I don’t know how you don’t squish her to death. We had a cat that played fetch like that. So much fun!

  5. I can blame so much on the silly laptop. I swear my spine is out of place, I have tmj from leaning on one hand in the same spot. I could keep going but it is quite embarrassing, so I’ll stop now. We have since refinished our kitchen and I have banned the laptop to the laptop station we designed. We have a hard chair, but I put a nice little cushion. I am able to sit straight and maybe fix my aching back..

  6. I’m pretty much always in my recliner with my laptop. It’s the best place for it IMHO. I can sit in the living room (the “hub” at our house), watch TV (only after the kids are in bed of course…unless they’re watching a movie), put my legs up, sit back and surf. It’s lovely.

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