Peace and Glad Tidings

Dear Friends of Bloglandia,

Whatever you believe, however you celebrate, I hope you are having a wonderful holiday. Blogging has been such a good experience for me- seeing how all of you are living your lives, reading about your great families and the good AND bad moments, viewing pictures of your children, your pets, your private lives. Thank you for being such a caring “I hear ya” kind of community.

Blessings and peace,



Raw and untouched, here are a few photos of our Christmas:

Our tree- she doesn’t know how lucky she is that she still has a warm home for the holidays. (See also: OMeffingG the pine needles).

Chef Marin- what you can’t see is that she is pant-less and also diaper-less in this photo, making the view of her walking away especially comical.

Christmas Eve- after candle light service, before our subzero arctic walk.

Layered, and ready to head out to view the luminaries in our neighborhood.

Despite the actual air temp being -2 (which we didn’t look at before we headed out), our neighborhood was beautifully lit. That is our house in the background.

The countdown is OVER! It’s finally Christmas Day! And, small Christmas miracle as it may be, our children did not rouse us until 7 am. ON THE NOSE.

Our family shot, at David’s parents’ house, yesterday. We take a family photo every year in this spot, which makes it fun to see how the children have grown and changed.

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