Fun Facts Friday… Copied From Erin, Who Stole It From Tess

* After a few weeks of warm(ish) weather- think around 38-40 degrees- because it’s all relative yo- we are back to cold and snow. Yesterday, it was blizzarding AND thundering AND lightening (lightening-ing?).

* The snow is pretty. I am getting really sick of my fellow statesmen kvetching about “wanting it to be spring”. Listen up folks- YOU LIVE IN MINNESOTA. IT IS FEBRUARY. WE DON’T HAVE SPRING IN FEBRUARY IN MINNESOTA. *Ahem* But srsly…. why bitch about it when it’s the same every year, and we all know it’s going to be the same every year?

* My 2 year old handed me her paci recently and declared “It’s bad fow my teef” and that was the end of it. Trueeffingstory.

* She also decided to sleep in her “big bed” the next day. So we took down the crib. And she’s sleeping fine- without her paci AND her crib.

* After a semi-rough night wherein I had Kate hogging my pillow from 2-4am and then Marin hollering incoherently at 4:30 am, and wherein I finally climbed into bed with Marin because she could not be quieted (dreaming perhaps? dunno) and besides my pillow was being hogged in my own bed, and wherein I then felt promptly and blissfully asleep, I was suddenly roused by the swish swish swish of someone entering the room wearing snow pants. It was Joan. She said “Mom, Charlie is here. We’re leaving. Have a good day.”

* This was immediately followed by David staggering in, OBV just waking up himself.

* Yes, that’s right. My 2 kindergartners got themselves completely ready for school while David, Marin, and I all slept peacefully. They dressed, ate breakfast, put their gym shoes in their backpacks, and put their coats, hats, mittens, snow pants, and boots on, and they were standing ready when their carpool arrived.

* Besides being hilarious on many levels, I now see NO REASON WHATSOEVER to get up and get them ready.

* I have fallen off the Picture a Day wagon… dead batteries, too many days sitting around in my dreary house, lack of motivation, ETC. However, I’m getting back in the saddle. Because it’s almost March. And even though March, for all intents and purposes is still winter in this climate, she does tend to throw us a bone or two, in the form of spring-ish days.

* Also, I happen to love March snowstorms. I mean, FU Mother Nature. SNOW ALL YOU WANT. It won’t last long now! BWAH, HHAHAHAHAHAH. Also, March snow is almost always good “snowman snow”.

* And YES there is such thing as “snowman snow”. Not all snow is suitable for making snowmen. ONLY Snowman Snow is. In order to craft a snow object, the snow needs to be heavy, wet, and melting. Also: Sticky. Snow in Jan/Feb is usually fine, powdery, and not sticky.

* Wordtwist (a Facebook app) is very addicting.

Happy Weekend!