She’s Baaaa-ack

Hello, and so sorry to interrupt your scurrying out the door to back up your rented U-Haul to the local department store to fill with cases upon cases of sunscreen, popsicles, and band-aids (oh, wait, just me then?), but I thought perhaps it was time to swing by my own blog and say howdy.
(And SRSLY, what is with the band-aid consumption in the summer? And why are there only approx. 3 per box, none of which are big enough to cover anything bigger than a flea bite?)

We are all well here in Caza de Green. Our summer schedule is in full swing, and we are enjoying our small town living, which allows us to walk or bike to nearly everything.

This week the big girls are taking a theater class and are learning a small play to perform on the last day. They think this is TEH BOMB.

Over Father’s Day weekend we went on our annual camping trip on Lake Pepin, and it was a rejuvenating trip in which I realized that HELLO, it’s so much easier to camp without a baby! Not that we didn’t have fun other years, but this year our kids were so big and capable of doing so much that it was truly relaxing for the adults.

Oh! Also, Marin seems to have starting growing hair now! She was such a baldie for so long that I am enjoying her curly-and-still-baby-fine locks.

I hope to be doing more blogging, so hopefully I’ll see ya around!

Now, how about some pictures?

Last day of Kindergarten (SNIFF)

Marin and I at the campground beach.

Joan and Kate, upside down.

Reading in the tent before bed.

Bald Eagle that was just hanging out in a tree very close to the road leaving the campsite.