Sod Field Soiree

So, last week DID get better, and we all survived, and this is just a season, etc, etc, etc.

I don’t have much time right now, but I wanted to swing by and share some pictures of our little ladies’ get-together this weekend. We got together to honor our dear friend, who MOVED (Yes, MOVED. HOW DARE SHE???). Organized by Beautiful Neighbor (a sometimes-commenter here), we all brought a little snack-y and something to drink and headed to the sod fields.

The sod fields, owned by friends, were the *perfect* place to get together and drink some wine. It was so beautiful that I don’t have words that don’t make me sound 100% Pollyanna. So, here’s some pictures* instead:

Those last couple of pictures were of the fog that rolled in. It was, well, fucking magical. And really hard to describe…. when we were walking through you could see the different layers of fog.

All in all…. it was lovely, perfect, blissful….

*I don’t have permission from these ladies to post pictures as many of them do not read this blog. I’ll be removing the pics with the most identifying shots of faces soon, but some of these I couldn’t resist NOT sharing, even if just for a short time.

(Also, girls-that-do-read-here: if you want your pictures off sooner rather than later, just shoot me an email.)