Simple Things: Summer


~ Cutting flowers to enjoy indoors.
~Thrifted blankets and table cloths.
~Eating outside for most meals.

~ Learning how to freeze our fresh foods for use this winter. (So far: strawberries, broccoli, and pesto).

~ Watching the kids dance to music they love.

~ Dirty children. And getting them clean again.

~ Evening walks.
~Squealing, jumping, laughing children as they try (and usually succeed) to catch fireflies.
~ Composting. Surprisingly very satisfying.
~ Growing food, even if it’s just a mini-mini-mini container garden of basil, mint, and cherry tomatoes.
~ Painting old furniture to make it “new” and “ours”.
~ Open windows.
~ Making bread and pizza dough out of habit.
~ Spending the morning in the woods with friends.

~ Garage sales.
~ Reading some of the same books that I loved as a child with my own children, only now they are reading to me.
~ Making my own “Life List”.
~ Morning routine of watering plants and flowers. Usually in p.j.’s.

~ Thinking about the kinds of things I want to learn to sew. (So far: blankets, sundresses, skirts, curtains, and pillows/chair cushions.)
~ Holding smooshy babies and becoming more clear in my heart and mind about Possible Future Fourth Green Baby.
~ Sun tea.
What did I miss?

5 thoughts on “Simple Things: Summer

  1. I've been feeling very overwhelmed lately with summer and the constant running and doing and going and I've been looking forward to its end. This is such a great reminder of all the beautiful things this season holds. Thanks!

  2. Oh man. I LOVE summer. Just love it. Especially now that I have kids. In fact, I feel this dread and doom feeling about fall and winter coming up….like I'll be going into a dark tunnel. I am trying to soak up all the summer I can! Great photos!

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