Baby, Babybabybaby, Baby

That’s what I have on my mind today. Babies…

Oh, man, do I ever still really want to do that whole baby thing again. The wonder and magic of it ALL, even the sleepless nights and the tiny upset tummy and the Green-baby tradition of barfing up nearly as much breast milk as consumed. I think I actually miss the smell of baby spit up!

I just feel so right when there is a baby in the house, in a sling, or filling my arms. I love having those chubby thighs around, tempting me to take a tiny nibble. I miss nursing. And kissing those soft, warm, just-woke-up cheeks.
David is still holding steady with a “NO”, which, yes, I admit, is a bit… problematic. But since I actually don’t desire to be pregnant right now (for various health and timing reasons), I’m just convincing myself that I can convince him to change his mind.
The one drawback is that right now, I feel like I still get to look forward to being pregnant, having a birth adventure, and spending a couple more years mothering a baby. As soon as that ball starts rolling, however, it suddenly becomes not something I “get to do” but something I’m “doing for the last time- EVER” [commence tears and woe].
So, hey *clap, clap*: for those of you playing along at home, please get out your score cards and pencil. Ready?
Under the “sick children” column, you can add “two kids with strep throat”. Joan, though vastly improved, casually complained of a sore throat. David took a flashlight and discovered that it was quite swollen. Before taking her to school yesterday afternoon, we decided we should get a throat culture, just in case, here in Tiny Town. It was positive!
When I called to let our doctor in Bigger Town know, she asked how Marin was. Fine! I said brightly. At that moment I noticed what a puddle-on-the-floor Marin had, quite suddenly, become. (It was hard to ignore with all the noise coming from her scream-hole). Any fever? our doctor asked. Nope, not since Monday… well wait, she does feel a little warm.
While on the phone, I asked Marin if I could see her throat. Sure enough, swollen and spotted. I don’t think we even need to culture her. I’ll just send in a prescription. This is why I’ve dubbed her Dr. Awesome.
Oh, but hey, 2 hours before Marin presented with strep, I spent the morning at Target with her. (I swear, I kissed her 83 times while there and she never felt AT ALL warm). And looky, looky what I found!:

That’s right. I was at one of the smallest Targets in the country (in nearby Middle Town) and these were sitting there- all innocently blinking at me- on an endcap.

They only had Iowa Pine scent, and not my beloved Lavender, but I bought them up anyway.
Now when I think of “Iowa” I do not, in any way, think of “pine”. And when I smell “pine”, I don’t think “Hey, everyone, does this remind you of Iowa, or WHAT?”
Additionally, I really HATE the fake-pine smell.
I have faith in Our Lady Mrs. Meyers, however. And guess what? I LOVE the scent! Love, love, love! It’s pine-y, YES, but deliciously so. Like I have a real Christmas tree in our house, only better. Also, strangely, it doesn’t exactly remind me of Christmas.
(I recently made a special trip to a Suburb Town Super Target, where I’ve always purchased Mrs. Meyers before… and they no longer carried it! I even asked two different employees (without either of them hearing), just to be sure. And now, a mere 2 weeks later, a non-Super-and-in-fact-a-very-very-small-Target has it? Oh, gods of Big Red… how elusive you are!)
Hey, still have those score cards handy? Under the “weather” column, you can chalk another one up for “cold, gloomy, dark, rainy October day”. I will say one thing: all this doom and gloom and gross/cold/wet is making me long for snow.
Clean, white, non-drenching. SNOW!
Well played October. Well played.
Finally I leave you with this:

Why yes, that is my single remaining healthy child neatly sandwiched between the two sickies. And quite likely sharing that bag of popcorn with Marin.
Germ control: FAIL.