Sickie Sickie Poo

Her cheeks are pink, her lips are stained orange from juice, and her feet are as hot and dry as a dessert (did Catherine Newman first use this description of feverish feet? Anne Lamott? Not sure, but whoever it was, it’s quite accurate).
She’s come down with some kind of flu, animal-derived or otherwise, and she’s home today. And probably for the rest of the week. My sweet little first born, Joan.

She’s getting plenty of rest and lots of snuggles. For as fierce of a child she is when she’s well (and I do admire that about her), she’s a sweet little lamby when she’s sick.
We’ve got the supplies: juice, drugs, a freezer full of freezy-pops, and thermometer. I’ve called our family doctor and spoken to the nurse.
I also did myself the huge favor of not watching all the media coverage of the elephant flu, so I have no scary images in my head, no sad stories about perfectly healthy children getting horribly sick. I am so thankful for this!
While I really don’t like seeing my children sick, I am enjoying reading to Joan today. She very rarely lets me do that anymore. While I am thrilled beyond belief of what a great reader she is, I still enjoying this chance for her to be the little girl, and me to be the mama reading to her.
I really feel confident that she is going to be fine. I’m not one to really worry about these things anyway. We are not what one would call “overly careful”, and I have peace that she will be back to her ol‘ spirited self in a few days.
(I am curious as to when/if my other two, or David or I, will get it however…)
She had an appetite for breakfast this morning and has kept hydrated with juice and water. Her fever has been, at times, quite high. At other times, she has a brief reprieve and plays for awhile.
I know that things can go horribly, horribly wrong and that this type of illness can be quite serious. But I also know that there was really nothing I could do to prevent it. My kids go to school everyday, and I take Marin to the libraray, grocery store, and other public places. The vaccine is not available yet.
I also keep in mind that for every story I hear about (through other people, as I don’t watch it myself), there are many MANY (thousands?) of other people that get the piggy flu and are just fine. F-I-N-E.
So I am keeping an eye on her, yes, but I am calm.
And I’m also angry that so many others have been scared shitless by our ratings-hungry media. I suppose asking them to do a story about someone who didn’t get really sick would not be very interesting: shots of them napping in the comfort of home, drinking fluids, reading books, eating Popsicles would certainly NOT create the fear-mongering frothy frenzy they are going for, but these stories exist too.
Just sayin‘.

3 thoughts on “Sickie Sickie Poo

  1. Thanks for this – you're right, there has been so much reporting on all the horrible things – I'm really having to work on keeping my anxiety in check on this subject. I appreciate the reminder that most of the time kids get sick, are miserable for a couple days, and then get better. And that this will just happen many times, unless we live in a bubble, which we aren't ready to do!Hope she feels better soon and that the germs are somehow contained!

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