For the Kids

Tiny Town had a referendum vote yesterday, to implement a levy- to replace the one that expires later this year- for money for the local school district. The new levy would be at a higher rate than the one passed six years ago, but this is to be expected as the financial needs have changed in the past six years.

The levy did not pass. 1,923 yes; 2,273 no.
I’m not feeling particularly articulate on the topic, mostly because I’m just so angry that I’m not really thinking clearly.
Tiny Town is known for its excellent schools. Now the district will probably close our beloved (and highly rated) elementary school, fire 20-some teachers throughout the district, and cut all classes beyond core classes at the high school (foreign language, arts, music, post-secondary ETC).
How can anyone who voted NO feel ok about it?
I’m not just upset because my own children are directly effected- though they are. I have in the past (before we had children) and will continue in the future (when my own children are no longer effected) support the local schools.
For a town this size, good schools is a major foundations block. Good schools attract young families, who in turn buy homes, shop, and choose to run businesses to serve our community.
It reminds me of how I felt on a certain election day in 2000. Or it 2004. Yeah, like that. Only I’m taking this more personally- people in my own town, that I shop with and live near, chose not to support our schools, our kids.
And my GOD does that suck.

12 thoughts on “For the Kids

  1. There is a community near us that I have often pondered moving to- it is so cute and small and cozy and has lower taxes and lower priced homes and is nearer the stores I frequent and has an actual quaint little MAIN STREET and everything. But they consistently vote down school levies. I mean, every time. And therefore we will NEVER move there.I'm really sorry. How disappointing.

  2. I'm so sorry. My hometown (you know the one) is going through the same thing, although we have not yet lost our elementary school. We did lose the jr. high that I went to though. Sad.I will say that many of my best friends from high school, most of whom I'm still friends with, came from Clarkfield, who closed their school just a few years before we reached high school. I'm so glad to have been able to know them as a result.So, will you open enroll to a new school? Consolidate with a neighboring town? Email me if you want, curious what the option are for you guys now and what neighboring towns are in a similar boat.Again, so sorry. Blech.

  3. This is one of the things I do not understand. Even if you HATE children and don't care if the next generation is smart enough to become the doctors that will care for you when you are old or if you are already old and don't give a crap what happens….everyone wants their house to retain its value. Everyone. And poor schools=lower home values.Grrrr…

  4. That stinks. We are also going through something similar. Our very minimal property tax increase got voted down yesterday which means we are going to lose parks, a museum, and lot of firefighters and police officers. Stinks.

  5. I was so shocked it didn't pass and so sorry for you! When we weren't seeing eye to eye with the school last year, I considered open enrolling the kids because they have such an awesome school here. I am sick to my stomach and I just work in the town! I'm still trying to imagine how it will all pan out.

  6. I remember my mom telling me that all her neighbors, the ones who used to have young kids but now have adult kids or didn't have any kids, ALL voted against school levies. They felt it was too onerous on them, that they had already "done their part" or it "didn't apply to them". ?!?!? Because they don't have to live with fellow citizens?? Because they don't care about anyone but themselves? SELFISH BASTARDS. That's what they are.

  7. You should find a way to figure out who they are and put nails in their driveways. OR send them all fake yet legitimate looking letters saying that due to the levy not passing that community service to the schools has become mandatory and two weeks during the school year they have to work the cafeteria for free so that no teachers need to be fired or classes cut from the curriculum. And then find a way to put cameras in their houses so you get a picture of them when either 1. they're coming back in the house fuming about flat tires or 2. they read the letter… the looks on their faces would be priceless.

  8. That is so mind-boggling. The levy couldn't have been that much money, right? I am always amazed at people who think it's not their issue. Don't they realize that their own property values are directly related to the good schools? My own "tiny town" barely passed a parcel tax in June. Even parents in my kids' own elementary school voted against it. I don't get it.

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