Haircut; Caramel Apples

My girls have all three been bald babies. BALD. And toddlers. Well, and preschoolers. While my children are struggling to grow enough strands to merit a barrette, other girls their age have braids swinging down their backs.

Kate and Joan were well over age 3 when they received their first haircut. Or “haircut”. Because there wasn’t much to cut, only a few rogue longer strands that needed to be trimmed back.
Marin has suffered from the same affliction. I swear, after these three, if I were to ever deliver a baby with a head-ful of hair, I’d INSIST that that baby couldn’t be mine.
Anyway, Marin has been rocking a mullet for awhile now.

Do you see how there is no hair growing from the sides of her head yet? The hair that is there comes from the top of her head and drapes over the side.

And while I thought she looked adorable with her “business in front party in back” do, I began to realize that a haircut was in order.
So, I made her an appointment at with our local hairdresser (is that the word the kids use these days?) (and have I mentioned that the salon we go to is in an ADORABLE, IDYLLIC little cottage-type building with vines covering the sides?).
I held her, as locks of her baby-fine curls fell to the floor around us. Hair that was presumably on her head the day she was born…
But now, her hair is more even. It looks thicker and fuller. And also? Curlier.
She felt like such a big girl, and LOVES her hair.
Have you all noticed that there are alot of weird, strange, and sad things going around the internets the past few days? Swistle’s MIL (just plain shocking), MckMama’s baby boy, Erica suffering identity theft. Just… weird stuff.
I decided the other night that what we needed was some good old fashioned, self-medicating caramel apples. The girls and I made them before dinner, but then we didn’t have time to eat them that evening.
This is what I discovered when I woke from a little nap yesterday:
The sounds they ALL THREE were making while eating! It was pornographic, I assure you. Plus Joan (on left) has a suuuuuuuuuuper loose front tooth, so she had to eat hers with her side teeth, which was just perfect.
Which reminds me: do you say “car-mel” or “care-a-mel“?

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