She’s Here… and Still- Sort Of- Nameless!

You guys, she’s cuter and smaller than even I had imagined she would be… and Marin and I met her once (about 2 weeks ago)!
When we got Coco, she was not handled much in her previous home. This was glaringly obvious by how skittish she was around us. She spent much of her time in those early weeks hiding from us.
This baby, though much smaller and daintier than Coco ever was, is not afraid of us at all. None of us can believe it!

As you can imagine, the girls are loving her. Aah, a bit too much in my opinion.
She doesn’t seem stressed out by us at all. In the first 5 minutes we had her home, she peed and poo-ed, batted around a dust bunny, and cleaned her tiny paws. All while Marin was eagerly bouncing nearby.
She’s eating and playing and using her box. Which is a relief, and I don’t want to sound any PETA alarms, but a cat that doesn’t use the litter box what we call a deal breaker in our house. (A deal breaker that we’ve never experienced, thank goodness.)
Only remaining detail to her induction into our family is her name. Thank you all for your comments: I read them to the girls after school today. However, we are still unable to settle on THE name.
Tonight, our top names were Scout, Piper, Shiloh, and Bean. The first three on that list are such awesome HUMAN names, that I hate to use them on a cat, albeit a very adorable, lovable, kitten. We decided to call her Bean until tomorrow night at supper, when we will have another name discussion.
I do love the name Bean…
So far, however, “Bean” is just not rolling off my tongue…

7 thoughts on “She’s Here… and Still- Sort Of- Nameless!

  1. You need to do the "lost kitty" test. Practice going outside yelling "Beeeaaaaannnnn?? Where are you? Beeaaaaannnnn???" with each name. Then you can tell which name sounds ridiculous and which feels good on the tongue.

  2. Oh oh oh! Do Shiloh, do Shiloh! I change my vote.(And also, I think I remember your kids' real names, and even though Shiloh IS a cute and awesome person name as well, I'm not sure it's one that totally matches with the classic, elegant beauty of your daughter's names, so maybe on a pet is the PERFECT way to still incorporate it into your family without saving it for a possible baby, y'know? Just my opinion.)

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