Happy(ish) Ending

On a scale of 1 to 10, to day was at least an 8 in the feeling crazy department. I don’t know… I haven’t been sleeping well, I’ve had wicked heartburn, I’ve been wide awake at sleeping times and sleepy at awake times, I’ve felt a little dizzy/lightheaded…

Last night I could no longer tolerate the sensory input of being around my children. Their noise-holes! Were so noisy! The fighting, the mom mom mom MOM’s, the being too wild indoors. Finally I banned everyone upstairs for an early start to bedtime, and dealt with my acidic stomach ALONE.
After that little OUTBURST (wherein I, quite literally, chased the girls upstairs ranting like a lunatic), and this morning waking up feeling like I still couldn’t face them (or anyone)… Hey, just do yourself a favor and don’t google “effects of depression on children”.
I ended up putting a bra on and getting out of the house on a (true story) Flea Market Errand with Beautiful Neighbor, which then inspired me to go downtown to another little antique/2nd hand store with Kate and Joan, which then led us to Tiny Town’s candy store…
The winter air, the great antique find, the toddler waking pink cheeked from a nap and asking about getting our tree? now? mommy? our tree? for Christmas? now?… I’m not sure what turned it around. But now I have a tree, and a rearranged living room, and… well I can’t explain it.
But it’s better.

4 thoughts on “Happy(ish) Ending

  1. I get in that mood (the one at the beginning of the story) almost every weekend at some point. I think it's all my expectations of the fun! and the productivity! and the family activities! that each weekend might hold. And instead it's a messy house and Jim camped on the computer in sweatpants and me feeling resentful that people are still expecting MEALS and baths and clean clothes when it is my WEEKEND.Hoping for a happy ending of my own! Glad you got yours. 🙂

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