‘Twas the Night Before Traveling…

*Ding, ding, ding* Round Numero Uno of the Green Family Week O’ Celebrating Christmas is done!


Marin received her beloved “sparkly shoes”, as she has been fervently wishing and hoping for. Actually, she was with me when I bought them. I tried them on her; they fit; I threw them in the cart; she never noticed.

She was actually delighted with *all* of her gifts, which was very sweet watch.

Joan and Kate were delighted when they opened their new games (Connect Four and Apples to Apples). They also were both lusting after each other’s pj’s… and then traded and hugged. And then tooted tiny fluffy baby bunnies out of their asses. THAT was cool to see!

David was thrilled with his new Sting CD, and other little sundries that we got for him. He also was TOTALLY NOT expecting to open a Wii… that Wii has been my happy little holiday secret for the last week. Kate and Joan took several (and then several more) beats to realize THAT WE HAVE A Wii! Man, holiday surprises are the best!

Me? Well, I got new winter boots and warm socks and oh, did I mention I got a new laptop???? Well halloooo internets; greeting from a machine manufactured in this century!

So basically, for a Christmas of “not spending much”, we receive a big FAIL. But, man was that fun.

Tomorrow our Merriment Making will continue as we travel to South Dakota to celebrate with my Grandma and dad’s extended family. On Sunday we continue on our way to the Black Hills, where we will surely be showered with many more fun gifts.

Also, and humor me here please, but rumor has it it’s supposed to be in the 40’s! Tubing, hiking, and feeding the flock of wild turkeys that frequent my mom’s front steps are also on the agenda.

Christmas: GAME ON.

Ta for now dear friends! I’ll be in touch, from my pritty, pritty (and fast!) laptop!

P.S. And I’d like extra credit for not bitching ONE TIME in this post about all the packing I have to do tonight!

P.P.S. Sorry for the repeat, twitter followers, but this afternoon Marin and I kept hearing (off and on) our kitten crying. We looked and looked but couldn’t find her. Fast forward 45 minutes, when I went to pour Marin a glass of milk and the KITTEN was in the FRIDGE. Yep, there she was, perched on top of a carton of eggs. She’s fine, thank goodness, and I keep shuttering to think about finding her, ah…, not fine.

P.P.P.S. I’m almost done with my 2nd scarf EVAH, and I’m so happy to report that it has remained a steady 15 stitches wide for the entire length. She can be taught!


6 thoughts on “‘Twas the Night Before Traveling…

  1. Poor KITTY! Ack! Blowing kisses to kitty poo!Also? Our goal of not spending much this holiday was ALSO totally blown, esp. after Jim arrived home tonight (after going to Sears to order our thrilling new washer and dryer) with another "christmas present" for him and me: a PS3 and the Guitar Hero game. That would be along with the giant ass TV he bought us the day after Thanksgiving. Erm, way to be frugal, Desperate Family, especially in light of recent appliance disasters!Whatevs, not my fault!

  2. AhMahGAH! Teh kittie in the fridge! That one made me laugh out loud. Glad she was *fine*. Hee hee hee!I think our pre-travel gift unwrapping will be happening tonight, too. Hope it goes as well!

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