So remember how I mentioned that my brother was messing up everyone’s plans by ditching us and heading to North Dakota for Christmas? Well after 10 days of the good old Festivus tradition of Airing Of The Grievances, and all of the rest of us becoming resigned- nay, relieved- that they weren’t going to be here, a snow storm is forcing them to stay home.

Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha! *WHEEZE* *GASP* *CHOKE*

As my dad said to my brother: “Let me get this straight. You got everyone all riled up and now you are sticking to the original plan to begin with?”

Let’s not even get into the Limo Light Tour that my mom booked, and then filled my brother’s family’s seats for when he changed plans, only to now have waaaaaaaay more people than the limo can hold. Why hello Good Family Friends! Merry Christmas. And also? You can’t come on the limo with us! Bye!


Anyway, my niece had a slumber party with us last night, and after completing more things than even the military can before 8 AM, we decided to get out of the house with the kids for awhile. Because children? Can be slave drivers. (Among a long list of other things, we mixed, rolled out, baked, AND frosted a batch of sugar cookies- all before 8 AM!)

So my mom took the 5 grandkids to a “make your own stuffed animal”-type place, where we, ah, made our own stuffed animals. Mah girls, with their new toys:

The highlight for me was getting to spend some time with my little nephew. He’s edible. (You’ve been warned.):

I feel terrible for all the folks that this winter storm is affecting. Holidays, and their related travels, are stressful enough without icy roads, fog, and a couple feet of snow!

I am also so very glad that we are already here, all snugged in for the long haul, if need be.

I have to say though, despite how this weather is effing up a lot of people’s plans, that is sure is beautiful. Truly, it’s a Winter Wonderland out there.

Hope all of you are getting yourselves settled someplace cozy. And that there are enough seats on your Limo Light Tour this holiday season!

Also, if you have some Family Drama that you’d like to share, please feel free to use my comments section to Air the Grievances. After all, tomorrow *is* Festivus.


8 thoughts on “Storm

  1. Gorgeous pictures!And my only family complaint (Really?? I only have one?? That can't be right!) is that one of my cousins (whom I NEVER see and really don't know well at all) insists on sending us a HUGE box of gifts every year. This would not be a bad thing except that I always feel TERRIBLE about it because I pretty much HATE everything she sends us. None of it is in my taste (smelly things I don't like, leopard print TP holders, crappy plastic ho has, etc.) and then I feel guilty for immediately giving it to Goodwill AND I didn't send her anything. I wrote her a card last year explaining that we try to keep Christmas simple and really don't exchange many presents so here's a Heifer flock of chicks in your name BLAH BLAH BLAH ALL TO NO AVAIL.Phew. I feel better.Happy Festivus!

  2. Love the pics, especially the last one! Your nephew is totally adorable. 🙂 And your brother? Well, he should not be going on the limo ride anymore. Move your feet, lose your seat.

  3. I LOVE that last photo! Aah! Also I agree with Devan re: the limo ride. They should understand that if their plans change at the last minute, that doesn't mean everyone has to suddenly rearrange everything aGAIN and possibly hurt the feelings of family friends to boot.Just my opinion, and don't let it ruin your Christmas or anything. But we've got your back on this one. You are RIGHT.

  4. Festivus was a success wasn't it? I can't decide what was the best part- the pinning of Mom, airing of the grievances, or the caroling… definitely laughed the hardest caroling. (Hope you had a fun sleepover with the steps:)

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