Winter Blahs

For the last week plus, our thermometers have topped out each day in the 30’s, sometimes even the 40’s. Things were unseasonably warm and melty. The air smelled like thawing soil.

Coincidentally, I have been feeling all “ha, ha, HA. Winter is not kicking my ass this year. And I’m not even on vitimin Z!*”
*that would be code for Zoloft.

Well. Turns out the two were related.
This week we are back to our (typical) single digits, with wind chills making it feel like it’s below zero. And SNAP!, just like that, I’m feeling like winter will never, ever end, and I’ll be inside my static-y, dry-aired, stale-smelling house forever and ever and ever and EVER and….
*downward mental spiral*
I did look back on my photos from last winter, and there is ACTUAL PROOF that we had several warm days in March. No coat days, even.

On the day pictured above, we became hot enough on our walk home from the still-frozen lake that we had to shed our (light weight) jackets. And notice they are wearing rain boots instead of snow boots? I remember that gloriously warm day well.

March isn’t that far off.
I can make it to March.
I think.

6 thoughts on “Winter Blahs

  1. I feel you. I lived in Maine for a year and nearly lost my mind in mid-February.

    When we were contemplating the move here to VA, I kept telling CG how lovely spring is after a long winter! How every one loses their minds with glee and runs around in tank tops even though it’s only 56 degrees or something equally still CHILLY by CA standards. How great it is to feel like you DESERVE good weather.

    And he said, “Wait. Isn’t this also the time you thought you might go insane? And spent a month’s salary on Swedish mood-improvement lights? And gained 20 pounds because you ate each and every leftover muffin at the bed and breakfast you were running? THIS is what you are looking forward to?”

  2. Hi. I don’t know you but I clicked on over to you from Catherine Newman (don’t you just love her) – I was jotting down some of the books mentioned in her last post and you caught my eye because I am nearly done with The Help (which I can’t believe my mom had sitting in her endless book pile on loan from a friend who actually BUYS hardcover books because I was the 1,146th person on the waiting list at the library). I am finding that I’m slowing down my reading because I don’t want it to be over. I’ll miss all of them so much. Anyway, I am also suffering the weather as I live in Minneapolis. I smiled through several of your latest posts. 12 hours at the Mall of America is astonishing. I have a 4 year old who doesn’t understand why I put my hand over her eyes when we walk by that damn American Girl store. This is a weird world (the blogosphere I mean) and other than my mother and a couple friends I don’t think anyone reads my blog so I thought I’d let you know that I enjoyed “meeting” you today.

  3. I, too, usually suffer from the winter blahs. It’s especially bad when I’m working. I leave the house in the dark and come home as the sun is setting. I feel like I never see the sun shining.

    Thankfully, the Vitamin Z is helping so this year’s funk is much less severe than past years.

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