Just Another Friday… OH WAIT

So, I have what appears to be mastitis again. And I haven’t breastfed in 2 years. AND I don’t have a fever, which is a prerequisite for mastitis, doncha know.

So, it’s either mastitis or IBC.
I made the mistake of googling “mastitis vs. IBC”… BIG MISTAKE.
Because it turns out that if it’s not mastitis or an inflamed/plugged duct, it’s cancer. You know according to the Mighty Internets.
And it’s not just any ol’ cancer, it’s a cancer that one site said had 100% mortality rate, and another site said it USED TO have a 100% mortality rate, but now it’s “just” something like 50%.
My doctor is out of the office today (of course… OF COURSE SHE IS), and I don’t see the point of going to Urgent Care just yet (because of the no fever thing) (and because of the general “heads up their asses” thing).
I do however have body aches and general malaise… so I’m sitting here telling myself that it can’t be cancer if I feel achy. And then alternating that thought with OMFG my symptoms sound an awful lot like IBC.
A friend just called and talked me off the ledge, at least a little bit.
But I can tell you one thing, I’d feel much better about this whole “mastitis” thing if I had a raging fever.