Afternoon Delight

Early Summer has arrived- however briefly- these past few days. I can’t tell you how soul-feeding it has been.

Sun dresses are being worn

reminding me of my own knock-kneed days of childhood.
(though my own development took me straight from “knock-kneed” to “chubby-kneed” without the stopping at “normal-kneed”. SIGH.)
Chubby knees aside, something about the “early summer” weather is incredibly nostalgic for me.
The release of pent-up winter energy….
remembering bringing my own books out to fresh green grass for reading….
Kate especially has be into writing in her diary lately. My sweet girl, who reads like a fourth grader but still sometimes writes diary “biary”. This simple blunder makes me smile.
I had a locked biary too.
We’ve been spending as much time outside as possible, for this wonderful “heat wave” is predicted to be short lived.
The girls already have bruised shins and skinned knees….
But it’s worth it- just ask them- because nothing beats the sun warming your skin while you lay outside smelling soil and grass and things growing.

My mom and brother are coming (tonight!) for Easter weekend, and I can tell you that finding myself inside- cleaning- has not been happening.
Do you think they will understand?

6 thoughts on “Afternoon Delight

  1. My god! Those photos are so beautiful. The new camera is fantastic. But the models are the best part. Hooray for Spring!

  2. MG – These photos are AMAZING! Loving your new camera; girls are truly beautiful!

    Plus, having major baby stuff on the brain…can I email you for advice?

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