Neighborhood Excitement

A manned, black car has been sitting outside my house for the past 3 days.

I had noticed the car, but didn’t realize there was someone inside it until my neighbor called to ask me what was up with Mr. Black Car. And then I was all that car? has someone inside it? Welllll, that’s a game changer…

I was actually pissed off, if I’m being honest. So without Thinking It Through For The Love (sorry Tess!), I put Marin on my hip and marched out there, knocked on the window, and said “DUDE. You are freaking me out. WHAT ARE YOU DOING???”
He was nice, very polite, and explained he’s waiting to serve papers to someone “down the street”.
I found out my neighbor called the cops on him, and he was permitted to stay, so he must be legit.
But now the neighborhood is all ABUZZ with who is he? what’s he REALLY doing? who do you think he’s watching? Etc.
I doubt he’s watching our house since he’s so totally OBVIOUSLY parked in front of our place, and parked in a place where there’s never cars parked. There are plenty of places he could watch us (creepy!) and be more incognito, ya know? And besides, David and I have nothing going on in our lives worth surveillance.
As weird as it is, I have to be honest that’s it been kinda fun. I really want all my friends to go for a walk by the car, knock on his window, and ask him what’s up. (Poor guy… just trying to do his UBER BORING job…) David wants to make him feel really welcome (read: uncomfortable) and bake him cookies or something.
He showed up again this morning briefly and then left. Boo! (Maybe he’ll be back?)

9 thoughts on “Neighborhood Excitement

  1. Dude, I can’t believe you just went up to the car. I would have called the cops too and asked them to check out the situation. But good for you!

  2. Thanks for all the bravery points, guys, but really? This is Tiny Town. Marching up to that car maybe wasn’t the smartest thing in terms of figuring out what’s REALLY going on (like he’s going to tell me the truth simply because I demand it), but I can assure you it was not unsafe.

    He was parked on a busy street- busy with cars, walkers, bikers. One of my neighbors were outside (at least) AND it was 11 am. I had my cel up to my ear & a three year old on my hip. What was he going to do, beyond perhaps be really rude to me? (Which he wasn’t, not that it matters…)

    Anyway, I promise, it wasn’t as unsafe or “brave” as it sounds!

  3. We had this same experience once at my parents’ house when I was 12 or 13. It was a private investigator, turns out, trying to catch someone cheating on his/ her spouse. JUICY.

  4. I live 1300 feet away from a public road, and never see anyone or anything. This would have been so interesting but there is no way I’d go ask WTH he was doing. 🙂

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