What do you do with a cat that you no longer can provide a home for?
Because the cat is a) a miserable recluse living in fear of ANY NOISE, and you happen to have 3 noisy children. b) so miserable that she has taken to peeing on things, especially when you are WATCHING, and also pooping on things. c) has started attacking the children- unprovoked, like they are just walking by- with a vicious sounding noise and intent to hurt. d) also attacked your head and hurt you while you were simply sitting on the sofa.
She’s healthy- at least physically. A month or so ago I put an ad for her on craigslist and petfinder (before she started the peeing/pooping and mean attacks) trying to find her a quiet home where she could be happy. Even without the litter box and aggression habits, I wasn’t able to rehome her.
Peeing on things (and thus, in many cases, ruining them, as cat pee smell is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to remove) (and some of the things she’s already ruined include the original hardwood floor of the office) is a deal breaker. I hate to sound like a total animal-hating dickweed- and I can assure you I really abhor ANY kind of animal abuse or neglect- but I simply can’t have a cat pissing on things, especially when there’s no physical reason for doing so.
She can’t go to a farm because she’s TERRIFIED of the outdoors.
Seriously, what do you do?
Because David emailed our vet’s office about euthanasia, and that might be the only option we have at this point. I mean, it’s hard enough to find a home for a healthy, friendly KITTEN, much less a scared, aggressive, pissing CAT.
(It’s our cat Coco- pictured here as a baby– who started off shy but sweet but has slowly spiraled to her current state…)