Blogger Spacing Issues

I installed Google Analytics on this blog shortly after I began writing here, and I’m sad to report that I have basically NO IDEA what to make of all that data. I do click over there once in awhile (weekly? biweekly? not very often, anyway), and I like to see where people are viewing my blog from and which google searches brought them here.

Over the years, my most common search is “I have blogger spacing issues” or some variation thereof. I did, in fact, do a post about that long, long ago, but I offered absolutely no solutions for such problems, and I assume when people search those words, they are looking for solutions.
So, I thought I’d give all those google-searchers some REAL knowledge… except for that I STILL have blogger spacing issues, and I still have no idea (usually) how to fix it.
Here’s what I do know:
1. loading photos messes everything up
2. switching back and forth between “edit html” and “compose” mode also messes things up- most notably the font (both type of font and size).
When I load photos, I load them in reverse order of how I want them to appear. The photo I want to end my blog post with? I upload that one first. After I upload all the photos, THEN I write the post. I’ve found that trying to add photos into already-written text just causes headaches.
If I’ve already written a post and then decide I want photos, I’ll add the photos (again in reverse order) (they will automatically load at the top of the page, with all of the text being shoved to the bottom). Next, I’ll cut and paste the text around the photos, instead of trying to move the photos around the text.
I only use “edit html” mode if I’m adding html code, and if it messes up the font type or size or any of the spacing, I usually just publish it that way. Sometimes, I can go back to the “edit html” mode and muddle my way through fixing some of the spacing things, other times I cannot.
So, there you have it, google searchers. Good luck!
P.S. My other two main google searches are “ballerina hair” and “define gossip”. I’ve mentioned each of those topics exactly once (here and here), but I’ll save you the clicks: I know absolutely NOTHING about ballerinas OR hair, much less how a ballerina styles his or her hair, and my post about gossip is, well, it was written a long time ago, ok? And honestly I have no idea what it says, because I was cringing so much reading the ballerina hair post that I didn’t (re)read the gossip one…

3 thoughts on “Blogger Spacing Issues

  1. I find I have the most trouble w/ blogger and formatting if I try to change font sizes in the same blog post…

    I tried to add google analytics about a month or two ago but it is showing no traffic on my blog for about three weeks, which I know isn’t right. I’m not especially motivated to figure out what I did wrong…

  2. One other thing… I have these kinds of problems on the rare occasions when I use Internet Explorer, but almost never when I use Firefox. Switching to Firefox is my first, and most highly successful, Blogger troubleshooting measure.

  3. Ha ha! I love knowing what google searches bring one to a particular blog. As I’ve already noted, my #1 google searches are “pregnancy running” (or variations thereof) and “dirty mommy.” NO SHIT. I get frequent searches for “how to spell Callum” or some such, and also “cookie chemistry,” because I once wrote about that.

    Ballerina hair?! Hahaha!

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