I got a blue ribbon (1st place) for this photo!

Which was the one that received the most votes, so you guys were supah smart, as per usual. AND it was one I probably wouldn’t have entered if I hadn’t done that little poll, so. Internets = awesome.

“Marin” was “dying for a snowcone” yesterday, right around 1pm, which just happened to be when the buildings opened. My other girls were at a playdate, so I did what any good mother would do, and stopped at the fair to get “Marin a snowcone”. And, ah, walk through the buildings, natch. 😉
(I still can’t believe that I actually got a ribbon!)
And then last night after dinner, when we took the whole family to the fair, we played bingo at the bingo tent, for 25 cents/card. We played 4 games, and both Marin (slash David) and I got a bingo, and won $5 each.
The Tiny Town Fair… it’s off to a good start.

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