In order to distract myself from David’s crazy sister, who is currently making her yearly visit from out-of-state and nearly driving me MAD with her insane antics, I’ve been editing our photos from the fair.

Seriously, she’s crazy. And a little manipulative and mean. But mostly just diagnosably-something.
Anyway, I guess we’re lucky to have the county fair in town to distract us from HER.
And we love the fair.

After a brief-but-intense cloud burst, we were rewarded with a rainbow (above and below).
On a mission to find their favorite snow cone stand:
A teensy baby, with FAIR HAIR! (I asked permission to photograph her):
Checking out my photo (we are dorks, yes):
Holding puppies:
Getting 3 quarters at the kiddie coin find:
Concentrating on bingo:
And winning!:
She was so excited that she had several people chuckling:
Not being sure about holding a chick:
But with Daddy’s help, warming to the idea:
Leaving with sore feet:
G’night, Fair!:


5 thoughts on “Crazytown

  1. 1. Ditto both things that Swistle said.

    2. So far, tens years or so, there doesn’t seem to be any outright crazy in the in-law clan. Lucky, I know.

  2. Loved the fair pictures. I love the fair in… Tiny County(?) I’m so bummed I didn’t get to bring the girls over this year. It just didn’t work and I missed all of the above. Unluckily for my waistline I did make it to the fair for 3 days to eat lunch there though! And congrats on the picture if I didn’t say it before.

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