Oh, Lordy

Yesterday and today have been the type of day where a 7-hour-school-day-sized-break from the children seems juuuuust about right. I guess I should be proud to have made it to the half-way point in the summer before feeling like this, but mostly I’m just wishing I weren’t so damned SICK OF THESE KIDS.

BUT! David’s sister has left the state, and the disturbance in the force is GONE, and WHEW.
Several of you said that you’d love to hear some crazy SIL stories, so I’m trying to figure out a way to tell them to you without a) boring you to tears with all the back-story explaining and b) making this blog a googling bulls-eye for SIL to find.
In other news (and I use the term “news” very loosely here), our CSA produce is coming fast and furious, and we’re enjoying some truly delicious meals. There is something so… honest about freshly harvested food. I really like planning our meals around what produce we need to use up before it liquefies in the crisper, and a year or two ago I wasn’t sure I’d be the type of person that *could* enjoy that kind of meal-planning-restriction. So, there’s basically a large Smug Factor that plays a part, yes.
Last night I made our family’s favorite sausage/potato/kale soup (and by “our family” I mean “David and me” and NOT the children, because the small people of the house firmly believe soup is poison in a bowl). And while soup is, in fact, ideally served on a crisp fall day- perhaps the first snow fall of the year- summer soup is something that must be embraced, due to the garden-fresh-ingredient-factor.
Tonight we’re having grilled chicken on a bed of either steamed or sauteed chard, baked summer squash, and fresh cucumber slices. Tomorrow we’re having lemon and basil pasta, and I’ll make some pesto for the freezer.
And really, this talking about food was just a smoke screen to distract myself from the bickering/hitting/scratching/pinching/screeching children. And it worked, for a moment. But NOW, I really DO need to go see what in SAM HILL is the problem FOR THE LOVE, can’t we all just GET ALONG???

4 thoughts on “Oh, Lordy

  1. Jess- no, it has nothing to do with CHEWING… more like soup does not come in a plastic tube labeled “Go-gurt”, so therefore it must be feared and loathed. 😉

  2. I just had a GENIUS packaging idea for Go-soup.

    What I don’t understand is WHY, when my children obviously CAN’T STAND each other, do they not GET AWAY from each other???

  3. OH man, my kids are fighting too. A lot. I wonder the same thing as Swistle. Our house is surely big enough for 3 small boys to be separated from each other and yet…

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