How It Went With HER

So, my dad’s on-again-off-again girlfriend or whatever the hell she is?

Yeah, we saw her.
On our first morning there, we went over to Kiner’s house (where my dad “lives”), and I brought food to make breakfast for everyone. It was Kiner, Seester, my dad, and our family. We hung out for the morning, and then my dad had to head to the fair to work the booth for his company.
At the very last second, he asked Kate and Joan if they wanted to go with him. Around noon, they all loaded up, and off they went to spend the afternoon goofing off “working the booth” with my dad at the fair. We agreed to meet him there at 4pm.

When we arrived, it was just my dad and the girls. We went to finish up the last of their ride tickets, when suddenly I look over and there she stood. I almost gasped, as I had no idea she was going to be there, much less RIGHT NEXT TO ME.
She never greeted me directly, but kept trying to insert herself into my conversations and catch my eye. Shock took over, so I basically (as politely as possible) ignored her.
She had her camera, and every time I took a photo, she took a photo. Of MY kid(s). Is that weird to you? It was weird to me.

A few days later, we met my dad to go hiking. Oh, man, was I wishing on a prayer that she wouldn’t be tagging along. That hike is… well, it’s special to our family, and I simply didn’t want it tainted. Luckily, she didn’t show up. WHEW!
After our hike, we decided to go to a great nearby restaurant in Rockerville. I thought I saw my dad slink away at one point, so I suspected he was letting her know our dinner plans. Sure enough, once again, she appeared. I sat as far from her as possible, and didn’t directly talk to her, but quietly tolerated her presence.
If she had been on that hike? She would have inserted herself into ALL of these photos. Blick.

The main reason I didn’t go out of my way to talk to her is that I’m terrified of her. Specifically, I think she’s CRAZY, but also I was concerned that she would want to hug me and/or take me aside to “have a little talk” with me and/or go into some elaborate “apology” that would end up forcing me to feel like I need to also apologize and/or something. Since I have vowed to never allow myself to be alone with her (I honestly need witnesses, or she gets all crazy in how she tells the story), I didn’t want to face that situation.
Also? I don’t need to apologize. Honestly, if my behavior warranted it I WOULD, but… well. It didn’t. I don’t.
(Luckily she didn’t try to do any of those things.)
On our last morning there, we met my dad, Seester, and Kiner for breakfast. It was a Sunday morning, but I was still holding out hope that she wouldn’t be there. No such luck. In fact, at one point when Marin was opening an early birthday present from my dad, she nearly did a swan dive over the table, in order to jump in the photo.
Seconds after I took this photo, she positioned herself- standing- behind Marin (mostly with her arms wrapped AROUND Marin) for the remainder of the breakfast. True story. Standing, you guys. STANDING.
I put my camera away.
The most important thing for me is having a relationship with my dad. If he chooses to be with her, than I will respect that in order to spend time with him. I cannot- and do not want to*- tell him who to date, and I don’t want to make him choose between her and spending time with us.
*Ok, maybe I want to tell him who to date, just a little bit.
All in all, I think it went as smoothly as it could have (save for if I didn’t have to see her at all). I can tolerate her presence, but I still don’t trust her. When she’s around, she’s like… static. Annoying, but easily ignored. That sounds super rude, but. Well. There you have it.
And? I wish she wouldn’t smother my kids so much.
Double blick.