Family Photo!

Check it out. This past weekend, the planets aligned just so, and somehow- some miraculous, undefined force- allowed all five member of my family to be photographed. In one frame. Without anyone looking pained, grumpy, or passive-aggressively putting her hand over her face (ahemKATEahem).

Sure, the photo was taken while we were camping, thus ensuring that my hair is dirty, and the girls’ faces are dirty, and THANK GOD YOU CAN’T SEE THEIR FINGER NAILS IN THE PHOTO, etc. (See also: the girls’ feet, OMG).

Man, I love my family.
****Edited to add: Heretofore, this was the best family photo we’ve taken this summer:


6 thoughts on “Family Photo!

  1. Family photos are so HARD to get yet are SO important! We try to get at least one or two each year and more often than not it doesn’t work out! So glad you got a good one, dirt and all. I love the shadow photo!

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