550 miles, ONE stop (bow now, for yes, we are rock stars), 3 kids, 1 cat, 107 degree reading on our car thermometer, 1 barfing incident (albeit minor and brief, thank you jebus), and we are here!

We’re here, we’re here, and we’re contemplating our Clipboard of Fun. We’re also musing about the “dry heat” (go ahead, punch me in the face, but it IS so very different that our humidity at home) (and by “different” I do mean “doesn’t feel as hot”) (as I said, feel free to punch me now), checking out my mom’s houseful of toys, and sleeping in. Well, that last one only David is doing.
More soon!

2 thoughts on “Arrived!

  1. Do you have a toilet in the car? One stop? How is that even possible???? We can’t get the 425 mi. to my parents w/ any less than three stops, although two of them are usually quick rest stop bathroom breaks. Maybe you didn’t count bathroom breaks?

    Oh, barfing in the car? Everyone gets a medal!

  2. No, no, no toilet in the car. And only 1 stop. We didn’t plan on only one stop, but we just kept sailing and no one was complaining so it worked. Also, they weren’t drinking much, so that probably helped. We stopped about half-way for about an hour to eat, get gas, go to the bathroom, and rent a redbox movie.

    We did, however, pull over on the side of the road twice- once to move Marin to a different seat, and once to deal with the barf. But since the van doors didn’t even open for either stop, I’m not counting them.

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