Park Palooza- A Success!

Last Friday, on a bitterly (and unseasonably) cold and windy day, we celebrated the end of summer with our much anticipated Park Palooza. We ate breakfast at a park, had our Opening Ceremony- complete with a balloon release!- had a treasure hunt, went on a hike in the woods, ate lunch, and pretty much totally exhausted our children. We took a break from naps and then met again- this time indoors as we were all chilled- to round out the afternoon.

It was awesome. My kids really love ritual, ceremonies, and “traditions”. My friends think of EVERYTHING, and I’m not even exaggerating there. The cold made it seem like we were- quite literally- seeing the end of summer.

We ended the day by leaving the children home with their dads and going out to eat. And then out for drinks.
I really love these ladies… (and their children and spouses, of course.)
More photos of our fun day start here.
P.S. I have no internet at home, which is driving me CRAZY. Our home phone line, our tv watching (we canceled cable, so the kids use Wii Netflix), looking up recipes, blogging, facebook, twitter… AHHHH. I can’t believe how reliant we are in the internet, and how much it affects us to not have it. I’m at a coffee shop right now, have been here for 2 hours, and STILL feel like I have stuff I want to do before going home to my internet-less house. Hopefully, they will be out to fix it tomorrow…

3 thoughts on “Park Palooza- A Success!

  1. So fun! I suggested this idea to my friends, because I thought it sounded so cool. And they were all, “It’s too hot. It’s too much driving to the parks. I don’t want to stop for naps. waaaaah”

    My friends can be lame about outdoorsy things. 😉

    Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

  2. Oh I love everything about this. I also need more non-virtual friends…

    I had a fun time looking at the pictures, but the one you included is probably my fav – who picked the color of balloons?

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