Family Room, Now With Table

Ahoy! Welcome to my blog, AKA the land where “tomorrow I will upload photos of my family room” loosely translates to “sometime in the next five days I will hopefully remember to upload photos of my family room. Maybe.” You see, I do this strategically, so that you don’t feel any pressure to be perfect either. You can let your hair down around me, scootch in a little late, I won’t mind.

(That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!)

So! Pictures!

This is the front half of the family room before adding the table and chairs:

And this is the back half of the family room before adding the table and chairs:

To take that last photo, I’m standing at the door that we always use to enter/exit our home. The ottoman that you see is used by the kids to take on/off their shoes. Our family room has two sets of french doors that lead outside, one- the one we use- directly behind where I’m standing, and the other one right by the shopping cart in the above photo.
Basically, this back half of the family room wasn’t being used for much. There’s a few random toys, and a couple of baskets with blankets and dress-up clothes, and that’s about it.
Here’s an after of the family room, with the table now:
The doors you see behind the table are the ones we don’t use. The ones we use are off the left hand side of the photo.
Here’s an after of the back half of the family room:

We didn’t rearrange any furniture, other than move those few toys out of the way. So far, this table has been used for crafts and homework. The dresser/old side board from the dining room also fit in the family room. It’s not pictured but is waaaay off to the right of the above photo, along the wall.
We’re trying this out for now… not sure if we’ll decide it’s too crowded in there or not. Any opinions? Too much furniture?

4 thoughts on “Family Room, Now With Table

  1. I like it; I like the idea of having a designated craft/homework space, so that if you want to eat dinner and someone isn’t done with something they don’t have to put it all away immediately (and possibly mess it up). It doesn’t look too crowded to me; there’s enough space to pull out the chairs without causing a problem.

    And personally, I think that if it works for you you should keep it. Too much furniture sounds like a concern for if you were selling your house, which you are not…that we know of. 😉

  2. I don’t like cluttered spaces, but I like the table back there… it looked like it needed something. I can’t really tell proportions, but I wonder if it would work better with the table turned the other way (one end of the table against the doors you don’t use)? That way the toy baskets could go along the back wall (they wouldn’t be the first thing you see when you walk in the door) and you would have more room to pull out the chairs. It would only work if there was still walking room between the end of the table and the back of the couch.

    I love the space – it looks really comfortable.

  3. I like the table there too. A designated space for homework is so practical. I’d probably need 2 spaces, though, as my kids bug the crap out of each other when they’re doing homework. Projects though–I’d love to have a space like that. Looks great!

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