How to have fun with your autumn leaf pile:

First, rake leaves until your arms feel like they might fall off.

Not even the littlest among you is exempt from this chore.

Keep raking.  And raking.  And raking.  “Rad” red sunglasses optional.

Think to yourself “I am a little girl and I’ve had ENOUGH raking.”  Then, rake some more.

Finally, when the pile is as tall or taller than you are,

slowly fall backwards until your entire body is buried in leaves.

Next, back waaaay up, taking a running start, and jump into the leaf pile.

Plugging your nose and closing your eyes– as if you were jumping into a pool of water instead of a leaf pile– is optional.

**Full disclosure:  this gratuitous post is about 50% wanting to share fun photos of my kids with you and 50% an exercise in figuring out adding photos to WordPress.  And 100% “Um, DAVID?  I have a question…”  (This would have been much harder to do a few weeks ago when we were not talking.  Settling conflicts via communication, FTW, now with added WordPress support!)

P.S.  Anyone experience a slow-loading page with this post?  I’m wondering if doing the photos this size is ok or if it clogs things up for people…


7 thoughts on “Jump!

  1. The photos are tremendous. LOVE.

    I am also seriously digging this new blog site. It’s making me want to move too. However the amount of effort it would take scares me.

  2. Adorable photos. And no trouble loading the page (I clicked over from my Reader just to be sure).
    I love WordPress. I hope you do too! Especially after all this work.

  3. You are about two weeks ahead of us seasonally and I can’t wait!

    Great photos and I didn’t have any trouble loading this page.

  4. Loaded instantly! I linked in from Twitter. Page looks great, and the leaves look like a lot of fun. I gotta move over to WordPress. I write a blog for my job on WordPress and it is definitely so much easier….Looking forward to more about your life in the tiny town!

  5. I can’t believe how big your baby looks!

    I’m totally digging WordPress, too. I’ve wanted to move for well over a year but I don’t have a David, so I’m stuck for now.

    • You know? He said it was really easy. I don’t know how he did it, and perhaps “easy” for his technical brain wouldn’t be easy for us non-technical people, but look into it!

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